Cheap price single-phase electric corn sheller from China

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Product Overview


Product Description

The electric small corn thresher produced by Jinan Minglun Machinery Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of small size, easy to move and high yield, which is suitable for threshing dry corn with farm families.
The corn thresher has an impurity sorting fan, which can effectively remove the corn whisker leaves from the corn kernels.Thus effectively ensure the corn kernels without impurities for packaging.

The difference between single threshing bin and double threshing working bin of corn thresher

According to the different output, we designed two models of corn thresher

1. The corn thresher of single threshing bin uses 1.1kw motor, and the output can reach 1000-1500kg/h
2. The corn thresher in the double thresher warehouse uses a 1.5kw motor, and the output can reach 2000-2500kg/h
Choose the appropriate model according to different use conditions and output requirements.

The single-storage corn thresher adopts a single roller for threshing. Under the force of the spring cover, it can realize continuous and uninterrupted corn threshing work. The output of threshing corn per hour is 1000-1500kg/h
The corn thresher with double threshing bins uses two roller bins that can work at the same time, and adopts counter-roll threshing, which can realize the uninterrupted threshing work of 2 threshing counter-rollers under the action of the spring threshing cover plate, and the double-cylinder corn threshing The machine's hourly corn threshing output is 2500-3000kg/h

Product Paramenters

Corn thresher
Impurity separation booster fan
Threshing cylinder
45 kg
58 kg
50 kg
65 kg

Detailed Images

Function introduction of corn thresher

Corn thresher for single and double barns
The yield of single cylinder threshing silo is 1000-1500kg/h
The yield of the two-barrel threshing silo is 2500-3000kg/h

Large size hopper
Because the electric corn thresher can continue to thresh the work of corn, the use of larger size of the hopper, can be large quantities of corn feeding, thus improving the work efficiency

Double-sided teeth wear belt
The wear-resistant belt with double-sided teeth used in corn thresher can effectively ensure the effective transmission of power without loss of motor power

Corn thresher adjusting handle
The function of regulating handle of corn thresher is to adjust the tap position of handle of thresher according to different diameters of corn.
If the diameter of the corn is too thick, the gear is adjusted to the top position, which ensures both the integrity and efficiency of threshing, and vice versa.

Impurity separation turbine fan
The corn thresher is equipped with an impurity separation turbine fan. In the process of corn threshing, the impurity separation turbine fan can effectively blow away the relatively light impurities such as corn whiskers and corn husks, effectively ensuring the clean of corn kernels and no impurities.

Adjustable spring press plate
According to the diameter of corn species in different regions, the corn thresher is equipped with adjustable spring press plate, which effectively guarantees the corn threshing effect and greatly improves the yield.

Corn thresher effect display:

Company Introduction

Jinan Minglun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of corn thresher . Accessories supply is complete, large, medium and small equipment models are complete. Committed to serving overseas customers, providing excellent after-sales service, professional technical team, complete accessories supply. hope to cooperate with you for a long time.


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Q: Are you a manufacturer or an agent?
We are the manufacturer and can supply any spare parts for the machine
Q:Can your company help me design the model of the machine I want?
We can help you design the model and output of the machine you need for free, and put forward our Suggestions scientifically
Q:How long is your after-sales service?
We provide two years of after-sales service, within the warranty period, free of charge to provide related accessories.we can provide free raw material test video and photos, and test the performance index of each machine before delivery.the machine can be packed in wooden cases before leaving the factory and packed in cartons cases for each machine.

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