Industrial ammonia stainless steel casing evaporative condenser

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It is a kind of heat exchange equipment which takes water and air as the medium exchange hate with the high temperature gaseous
refrigerant in the coil, then make the refrigerant from gaseou condense into liquid state. The main components: water distribution
system, condensation coil, water baffle, external circulating pump, axial flow fan, etc.


Power saving:The company's evaporative cooling adopts a unique design in structure, which reduces the condensation temperature and pressure of the refrigeration system, increases the refrigeration capacity of the compressor,and reduces the power consumption.

Water saving:The dewatering device used in the company's evaporative cooling has a highly efficient dehydration capacity, and the
loss of water evaporative and floating is very small, only about 10% of other water-cooled condensers,which greatly saves water resources.

Small footprint and easy installation:The evaporative cold integrates condenser, cooling tower,pool, and water pump. lt can be placed on the roof.The installation pipeline is simple, there are no other water system accessories, the installation materials are less, the construction period is shortened, and the installation cost is reduced.

Save maintenance costs: When the machine works in a good environment, the service life can be increased, the trouble-free operation period of the compressor is prolonged, the system reliability is increased, and the maintenance cost is reduced.

Condensing coil
The condensing coil adopt elliptical steel tube of integral hot-dip galvanzing, and the thickness of zinc coating is higher than 0.05mm, which improves the overall
anti-corrosion capacity of the coil.


Widely used in food,fruit and vegetable processing,pharmaceuti-cal,chemical and
other related industries.

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