high quality laser diode 405nm 500mw

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405NM 500MW laser diode

Model: 405nm 500mw
Wavelength: 405NM (Violet/Blue)
Output power: CW 350-500mW
Voltage: 2.2V ~ 3.0V
Specifications: TO-18 (5.6mm)
Working temperature: 10 ~ 40°C
Life: more than 10,000 hours
Laser beauty, Laser medical treatment, laser modules, stage Laser Lighting, laser pointer, laser flashlight, laser projector, laser positioning, laser sight, and a variety of laser devices and products.

Notice "

1 . This laser diode may do harm to human eyes, when the laser tube is working, pay no direct attention to it.
2, The laser tube requires a suitable power supply, transient reverse current can`t exceed 32mA, reverse voltage can`t exceed 4.7V, otherwise it will damage the laser tube.
Test the laser tube: insert or pull out the laser tube after the power off. Do not plug or unplug the laser tube when the power on, otherwise the laser tube will be damaged, invalid.
3, The laser tube should be kept or working in a dry environment to prevent condensation, condensation may damage the laser tube.
4, At high temperatures, it will increase the threshold current, lower the efficiency and accelerate the aging of the laser tube.
5,When the output power higher than the specified parameters, it will accelerate the aging of the laser tube.
6, The laser tube need to be used in fully heat or cooling conditions
7, Laser diodes are ESD sensitive device, anti-static measures should be prepared. Before pick up the case, make sure you get a good grounding condition, otherwise the laser tube will be easily to breakdown by the static electricity, resulting in the laser tube failure. Wear anti-static wrist strap when working with the laser.

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