High Quality Tonva Making 160L Plastic Solar Water Storage Tank Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

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Product Overview


Product Description

* single station, 1 to 5 layers for choice;
* material: HMWHDPE/HDPE;
* product range: 60 liters to 160 liters;
* output: around 17-20 pcs per hour (depending on weight);
* working condition:
power supply: 380v/50hz/3ph (depending on clients requests);
water cooling: 20°c;
water consumption: 160L/min;
air source: 0.8mpa,
* with MOOG 100 points parison controller;
* with robotic gripper;
* with hydraulic servo system for energy saving;
* bottom blowing;
* suitable for vertical and horizontal type, also round and square water storage tanks;

Main Configuration

* Extrusion System: as per different plastic material, using corresponding screw and barrel, to maximize plasticizing capacity and ensure the uniform mixture during the melting process; adopting inverter controlling and alloy hard gear surface decelerator driving, power saving, low noise, balanced and stable screw rotation;

* Die-head System: accumulator type die-head, single shot, central feed extrusion, optimal flow channel design;

* Clamping System: fixed clamping system, double tie-bar, clamping by hydraulic cylinders;

* Temperature Controlling: precision control of heating with PID and PWM temperature control modules for centralized heating control;

* Control System: adopting PLC to control the action program of the whole machine; adopting HMI for communication, parameter setting, modification and picture display; every parameter could be set and modified directly with the complete obstacle self-diagnosing function, menu operated directly and conveniently.

* Electric system: adopt world famous brand, such as SCHNEIDER, SIEMENS etc.

* Hydraulic System: optimized hydraulic oil loop design gains a stable, fast, power saving property.

* Multilayers Optional: multiple layers can be designed to reduce the cost and make good surface, outer layer is tough
plastic, inner layer is food grade virgin material, and middle layer available for recycle material, especially design for
water tanks.



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* 24-hour response by email or telephone;
* Full production line available;
* OEM and ODM service provided;
* Technical support online service provided;
* On-site training and installation service provided;
* Spare parts replacement and repair service provided;
* Constant back-up support service;
* Consultancy solutions for plastic products from new start-up business to large cooperations

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