Wholesale Tinta Eco Solvent Ink for Galaxy Printer DX4 DX5 DX7 Print Head

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Wholesale Tinta Eco Solvent Ink for Galaxy Printer DX4 DX5 DX7 Print Head

Products Description

1. High speed printing -Ink bleeding free on media. - Able to print in a high speed mode. - Decreased banding and beading.
2.Anti-Alcohol resistance: Dramatically improve the anti-alcohol resistance.
3. Scratch resistance: The scratching resistance has been significantly improved In New ECO ink formulation.
4. High color reproduction
5. Safety substance
6. Mild smell
7. Highly glossy
8. Light fastness of NEW ECO inks are 2 years.

Wide format printer with
Epson DX4, Epson DX5, Epson DX6, Epson DX7 Printheads
Outdoor Durable, Vivid Color, Fast Drying , Slightly Smell
Standard which is +/-0.03% from OEM ink
1. 12 months in clean, dark and dry environment
2. be attention of the dust keep away to the inks after open the bottle.

    FULLCOLOR TECHNOLOGY LIMITED has been established since 2009, the teams with more than 15 yearsexperience of inkjet printing industry. We specialize in manufacturing various ink with FCOLOR brand : Sublimation ink , Pigment ink, Dye ink, DTG textile ink,Eco solvent ink, LED uv ink, etc. FCOLOR brand ink well known & popular in South Amercia, Mid East and Africa. additional as well as other range of ink cartridge , continuous ink supply system .

1. Short production cycle, enough raw materials in stock
2. The ink series is complete, can meet the requirements of 95% of customers in the market
3. Ink engineer has 30 years of industry experience
4. Can develop new products and special inks for customers
5. Complete packaging types, can be customized by OEM
6. Provide ICC color management, color display can reach the ultimate

The following are FCOLOR hot selling items,search with printer model, printhead model or cartridge code, Any items cannot be found, please contact us for free.

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