Portable wireless 5 in 1 soil integrated sensor agricultural soil testing equipment for nitrogen meter

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Product Overview


Portable wireless 5 in 1 soil integrated sensor

Product Description


Soil Analyzer


RS-TRREC-N01-1 soil analyzer adopts the latest digital integrated circuit technology and international testing technology to design a brand new intelligent handheld tester. It uses a full-color LCD display. At the same time, the recorder is integrated Storage, recording, and analysis, and it can be flexibly connected to our soil ph sensors, soil temperature humidity and EC sensors.


Soil Analyzer



 Power supply     Battery powered (5000mAh lithium battery)
 Display   2.8 inch LCD display 
 Data storage       1 million data 
 Charging time  ≤8h      
 Working environment Temp -10℃-50℃; humidity<95%RH no condensation
 Accessible equipment 1-4 ModBus device combination 
 Letter of agreement Modbus-RTU protocol 
 Operating Voltage DC 3.7V
 Standby time   More than 8h continuous   
 Size    209*100*36 mm 
 Weight 500g


Soil Analyzer


Features detail

 Soil Analyzer


1. The measurement results can be displayed directly, which is simple and convenient, with low measurement cost and fast measurement speed.
2. A variety of recording methods are optional.
3. Large-size color display screen, large-capacity storage.
4. One-key export of data, convenient and quick.
5. The probe plug-in design ensures accurate measurement and reliable performance.


Soil Analyzer

Soil Analyzer


 DC power supply DC 3.6-30V
 Conductivity parameter Range: 0-20000us/cm
 Resolution: 10us/cm
 Accuracy: ±3% in the range of 0-10000 us/cm; ±5%   in the range of 10000-20000 us/cm
 Soil moisture parameter Range: 0-100%
 Resolution: 1%
 Accuracy: ±2% within 0-50%, @ (brown soil, 30%, 25℃)
±3% within 50-100%, @ (brown soil, 60%, 25℃)
 Soil temperature parameter

 Range: -40~80°C, resolution: 0.1°C,

 Accuracy: ±0.5°C

 Conductivity temp compensation Built-in temperature compensation sensor,   compensation range 0-50 °C
 Protection level IP68
 Sealing material Black flame retardant epoxy resin
 Output signal RS485 (Modbus protocol)


Soil Analyzer


 Power supply DC 5-30V
 Measuring Range 3—9 PH
 Resolution 0.1
 Response time ≤10S
 Long-term stability ≤5%/year
 Probe material Anti-corrosion special electrode
 Sealing material Black flame retardant epoxy resin
 Output signal RS485(Modbus protocol)


Soil Analyzer

Soil Analyzer


Packaging & Shipping

 Soil Analyzer



RS-TRREC-N01-1 is widely used in the detection of soil pH, dry farming and water-saving irrigation, precision agriculture, forestry, geological prospecting, plant cultivation, water conservancy, environmental protection and other fields, as well as the measurement of various particulate matter pH.


Soil Analyzer


Company Information

Renke is engaged in industrial sensors, communication gateway, industrial data platform, cloud computing service, and measurement control technology solutions. We have won a good reputation for high-quality products and sincere service.
Renke insists on the policy that"technology first, exquisite design, customer satisfied" we are careful with every detail. Every drawing has to be considered and revised repeatedly. Every product is the thought of a designer.


Soil Analyzer

Soil Analyzer



Q: Are you manufacturer?
A: Yes, We are Tranmitter manufacturer and exporter in china over 10 years experience with CE, ROHS, FCC, ISO and 11patents.


Q: Do you offer the OEM service?
A: Yes, we can offer OEM service and design the shell and logo for you. 


Q: Do you offer free samples?
A: Sorry , we do not offer free samples. After you bulk order, we will deduct the sample fee from second order. 


Q: What payment ways do you accept?
A: You can pay us by T/T , PayPal , and West Union .


Q: What is your delivery time?
A: It is in 3-5 working days since the payment confirmed. If your order is over 3000pcs, we need 10 days.


Q: How is your quality assurance service?
A: 24 months quality guarantee.


Q: Could we make a visit to your factory?
A: Yes, you are welcomed . 


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