Universal Reagent Sulphonated Asphalt Sulfex 70 Clay Inhibitor for Drilling Fluid (1600235232875)

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Clay Inhibitor SULFEX-70
SULFEX-70 is a universal reagent for drilling fluid which stabilizes the shale formations, significantly improves the lubricating properties of drilling fluid and reduces filtration in high pressure and temperature conditions, as well as improves the filter cake properties in water- and oil-based drilling fluids. The product can be added to most aqueous and hydrocarbon solutions as well as synthetic solutions.


The unique composition of the SULFEX-70 additive has demonstrated outstanding results in all types of drilling fluids providing the following benefits:
- Reacts with shale clay to prevent shale slumping and swelling
- Reduces filtration at high pressure and high temperature, see Figure
- Creates a thin compressible filtration layer
- Significantly increases the lubrication properties either on addition in pure form or in combination with a small amount of petroleum and synthetic materials
- Prevents drilling tools from sticking
- Extremely heat-resistant material - has no softening point which is usually associated with non-reacting bituminous additives
- Minimal and easily recognizable fluorescence – does not interfere with well logging or core analysis
- Does not leave oil stains, films or rainbow streaks on water in marine areas
- Does not require emulsifiers for proper mixing performance
- Does not require
phasing out of equipment for solids removal during mixing
- Reduces thickening at high temperatures and stabilizes the properties of drilling fluid

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