KZBOY OEM/ODM бровей Перманентный макияж микроблейдинг машина комплект беспроводной Корея Cejas Para микро Pmu машина цифровая ручка татуировки

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Product Overview



Item name
Wireless permanent makeup machine
A box includes a machine, 2 batteries, 1 cartridge and 1 manual
Eyebrow, lips and eyeliner
Machine color
Black, pink, silver

Wireless Permanent Makeup Machine
This PMU machine can work with a battery or a charger when it's wireless or wired.

What's included?
It's included a wireless/wired PMU machine with a charger; 2 rechargeable batteries, 1 useful manual to guide you how to handle it; 1 cartridge needle with membrane.

Battery life
-- 2.5 hours if fully charged;
-- 2 batteries;
-- Charge them for 40 minutes for a full charge;
-- Light is red for sign of charging.
Membrane needle?
-- Needle length can be adjusted;
-- Membrane needles for protecting pigment from flowing back;
-- Shorten the needle length if it's not spitting pigment out; lengthen the needle if it's spitting too much pigment out;
-- With expiration date on each needle packaging;

Machine speed?
-- 3 speeds when wireless;
-- 5 speeds when wired.

Create your brand.
Just pick the design from the template and it can be adjusted according to your request. Also,microblade handle can be customized
on its color, size, design or any other you need.
We would like to make your brand more and more famous with you like bringing up your baby to be an adult(Customize your brand color).

Professional manufacturer
We're a professional manufacturer of microblades and microblade handle, working with many famous company from the day when they set up their company. Our boss, King Zheng is so talanted and passioned who help many companies improve their performance with his unique idea and professional knowledge of the products. Besides, all of our microblades and microblade handles are steriized by E.O. Reports are real and available to show in public.

CE Certificate for PMU machine; KZBOY Brand Enrolled in the USA; Sterilization reports for each lot of our microblades.


1. What's included?
1 PMU machine;
2 batteries (one for backup); 
1 needle (random size); 
1 plug with cable;
1 manual.

2. What can the machine do?
It can be used for eyebrow, eyeliner and lips.

3. What's the speed?
3 speeds when cordless; 5 speeds when it's in plug; and speed
1 is the strongest for two of those modes.

4. How to use it?
When it's wired, plug it in and turn it on first, then put the needle in. Place the needle length at 1.5mm, turn the speed
to speed 1, then start to work; When it's wireless, remove the top part and put the battery instead, turn it on first through
the button on the top of battery, then put the needle in, turn the speed to speed 1, then start to work.

5. How long shoud the batteries be charged for a full charge?
40 minutes for a full charge and they work for 2 hours.

6. What needles fit it?
Only the KZBOY needles fit them; our needles are available in1R, 3R, 5R, 5F, 7F, and all of them have the membrane for ink

7. Is any specificate symbols on the needle packaging?
Yes, each needle packaging says the lot number and expiration date.

8. Is there a any certificate for it?
Yes, it's approved with a CE certificate.

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