1MOQ Baseball Fielding Gloves Custom Logo Glove Softball Japan Kip Leather Baseball Glove (1600238115920)

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Price:$83.00 - $100.00
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Product Overview


KIP leather comfortable shortstop infield gloves baseball glove with high quality

Product Name
Baseball gloves
Embroidery/Customized Logo
KIP Leather
1piece/polybag;10 piece/ctn
Customized color
Place of Product
Qingdao, China
11.5” inch
Sample time
Available sample(3-5days)
1 piece
Delivery time
15 days

We accept OEM orders and ODM orders for all our production lines, including client's logos and labels. After many years of
customized order manufactured experience , we are confident that we can meet all your requirements:

(Fielding; First base man;
Pitcher and Catcher and Training glove)
1, customized your design
( web;finger;lace;stitching and so on)
2, customized your size & colors & patterns.
3, customized your logo.
4, customized your packaging.
5, customized your stickers.
6, customized your hang tag, label
7. customizd your keychain

Customized service

LOGO Position

Although selecting the correct glove for your specific needs depends on two critical factors – your age and field position – it
also depends on your personal preferences. The following are simple guidelines to follow:
Fit: Choose a glove that fits snugly. Do not purchase a glove too big for your hand, as it could hinder your performance.
Feel: Your glove should be stiff enough to give strength yet offer the flexibility to provide control and quick response.
Style: Choose a look and color that fits you.

Hot To Build a Glove
Ever wonder how your glove came to be? We’re going to show you the ten steps that go into making each and every glove. Our factory has been building baseball gloves for decades. Their craftsmen, who have centuries of cumulative experience, are cross-trained and have a deep understanding of every step of the glove-making process, ensuring unrivaled craftsmanship in each and every glove.

Step-By-Step Guide To Building a Glove

Step I: 
SELECTING LEATHER: To make the game’s best ball gloves, you need premium leather. Our Pro Stock and Pro Stock Select Leather comes from the most consistent and high-quality hides in the world, giving you a durable with great feel and a perfect break-in.

Step II: 
CUT LEATHER: Our craftsmen place the cutting die onto the leather and use a hand-operated machine to cut all the pieces that will ultimately come together as a ball glove. The position and direction of each cut is a crucial part of the process.

Step III: 
HOLE PUNCHING: Check and double-check. We ensure each and every hole punched in the leather is clear for the next steps in the process, namely the lacing of the glove. This also helps prevent creases in the leather, giving the finished product a smooth palm.

Step IV: 
STAMPING: The hole-punched palm pieces are then stamped. This is when the ‘Logo’ at the base of the palm, the center palm and model information appear on the leather.

Step V: 
EMBROIDERY: All embroidery actually happens before the glove is assembled – because the only way to embroider leather is when it’s flat and fits easily into the sewing machine.

Step VI: 
STITCHING: Our craftsmen then start stitching the glove – and do so inside out, assembling the various pieces of leather that were cut out in Step 2.

Step VII: 
TURNING: Here, all our gloves are turned back right side out and craftsman begin to shape them using hand-shaped hot irons and rods. The lining is also inserted into the shell right after this point.

Step VIII: 
LACE MAKING: At this stage, we cut thin high-quality strips of leather tanned specifically for baseball glove laces. We use these thinner strips because if lacing is too thick, it impacts how well the glove opens and closes.

Step IX: 
GLOVE LACING: You guessed it. This is where the magic happens and everyone’s hard work starts to come together in the form of a (nearly) finished ball glove – complete with approximately 24 feet of lace.

Step X: 
POUNDING & SHAPING: Before final inspection, our craftsmen focus on shaping the glove so when you receive your new gamer,it’s already got the great shape you’ve come to love.


Q1: What is your MOQ?
Usually our MOQ is 10 pieces, but we accept lower quantity for your test order.

Q2: What size can you make?
We can usually do 8.5 to 33 inches, we can also customize your own size according to your requirements.

Q3: Are you a factory or trading company?
We are a factory, and our factory is located in Qingdao,China, and all our clients, from home or abroad, are warmly welcome to
visit us.

Q4:How can I get some samples for check quality?
We are glad to offer you samples, please contact our sales department, we will send you samples with your detail requirements.

Q5: :Can I order gloves with my own design and Logo?
A: Definitely yes,we have 20 years customized experience manufacture,we make product according to your any specific requirement.

Q6:What if the product has quality problems?
We have a professional after-sales team to ensure your rights are guaranteed.

Q7: What kind of gloves can you produce?
We can produce Japanese kip leather, cowhide, pigskin and PU.

Q8:Can I get a discount?
Of course, the more you order the cost will be lower

Q9:Does your company provide trade assurance? Can I pay through Alibaba? Yes, we are gold supplier on Alibaba,and you will get
free payment protection service.

Q10: What about your delivery time of gloves?
Can we receive our goods on time?
A: Usually 7 days for sample. 3-4 weeks after sample confirmed

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