Good Water Soluble Mango fruit powder mango extract/mango seed extract powderGood Water Soluble Mango fruit powder mango extract/mango seed extract powderGood Water Soluble Mango fruit powder mango extract/mango seed extract powderGood Water Soluble Mango fruit powder mango extract/mango seed extract powder

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Mango is known as the king of the fruit, the full of nutriments, full-bodied flavor unique. SOST mango powder is selected from Hainan fresh mango, made by the world's most advanced spray-drying technology and processing, which keeps its nutrition and aroma of fresh mango well.
Why is the mango called the king of tropical fruits?
Mango, there is a very arrogance name ---- king of tropical fruits.
This name explained his producing area and value, can be called the fruit of king, presumably effect, nutrition, mouthfeel, the comprehensive evaluation of each respect such as medical treatment has to be practical ability deserves to go up so high and clinking nickname.
Although is a tropical fruit, but the north-south gap is very small, whether it's cold in the northeast or the four seasons like summer in Hainan, almost anywhere in China, any one period of time, can see the mango in the market, different season, of course, the price will be different, but in general as long as want to eat or buy fruit.
Modern scientific research has found that mango has good nutritional value and health function.
The fruit has high nutritional value, soluble solids 14%-24.8%, sugar 11%-19%, protein 0.65%-1.31%, every 100g flesh contains 2281-6304mg of hufebatin, and essential trace elements (selenium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, etc.) are also high. In particular, the content of vitamin A is far more than other fruits, the content of every 100 grams of flesh up to 0.6-25.9mg, excellent varieties such as Luzon mango for 2.5-5.0mg, more than 10 times for the general fruit.
It is one of the five famous tropical fruits (mango, cherimoya, lychee, mountain bamboo and pineapple) in the world, and has the reputation of "tropical fruit king" and "tropical apple".
Mango extract mainly refers to the nutrition extracted from mango bark, leaves, seeds and other parts, mainly used in medicine and health care types.

Product Name: 
Mango Powder
Latin Name: 
Mangifera indica L.
Other Name: 
Mango Pulp Powder
Part Used: 
Light Yellow Powder
Straight Powder
Active Ingredient: 
Shelf Life:
 2 Years



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