DPF flash filter cleaning machine PDF cleaner sonic cleaner custom dpf cleaning diesel dpf cleaner (1600241170901)

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Product Overview


OEM Custom DPF cleaner Flash cleaner machine safety fuel injection dpf cleaner machine


Product Description

Flash-JET Particulate Filter Cleaning machine custom dpf cleaner is a machine that cleans all kind of air filters of industrial vehicles (buses, trucks, construction equipment, air conditioners and dust collectors). Learning from advanced experience in the international and China market, it is the professional machine which uses the force of the water and air to solve in a definitive way all the filters cleaning problems.


ModelFlash-JETFlash-JET Pro
External Dimensions2000 x 850 x2700 MM2320× 1150× 2600 MM
Floor Load Capacity200KG200KG
Tank Capacity200L150L+ 150L = 300L
Power Consumption19.57 KW23.77 KW
Max. Current42A49A
Power Supply380V, 50Hz, 3Ph+N+PE
Packaging SizeL2340 x W1130 x H2350 MML2440 x W1320 x H2350 MM
Net Weight880 KG1000KG
Gross Weight1200 KG1400KG
Heating system, oil & mist cleaner, drying system, water recirculation system, liquid level sensor, illuminating system, intelligent fixture, PLC control system, printer.
Loading & unloading auxiliary device, washing gun, wheel, cleaning detergent.





>> One machine for every kind of air particulate filter and for the entire cleaning cycle (washing and drying).
Don't have to cut the air filter, bake it and weld it anymore, which is easier to work.

>> During the cleaning cycle, the water flows throughthe hole placed under the stainless-steel grid into an underlying tank and once filtered and purified it goes back in circle.

>> The worktop is made of a stainless-steel grid which can bear up to 200 Kg of weight.



>> Three-stage filtration system is equipped to collect the PM10 and other impurities.

>> In this way, we can assure clean water for each cleaning cycle.


>> When the cycle ends, it is possible to compare the initial and the final parameters in order to verify the quality of the cleaning.

>> You can print the same data on a receipt (also sticker)and deliver it to the customer or stick it on the filter.



>> Siemens PLC module with steady and strong operation capacity.

>> Networking function make online program checking and update available.

>> 7inch high-sensitive touch screen to get smart and human-friendly operation experience.  

>> Oil & mist cleaner to filter oil, mist and vapor in the washing chamber and ensure good working environment.

>> The water vapor after filtering will go back to tank and be recycled.



>> Key electronic parts and components come from world-famous brands,such as Siemens, Schneider, Omron.

>> Safety door switch is equipped. When the door is open, Flash-JET will stop working automaticallv.




One machine for every kind of air particulate filter and for the entire cleaning cycle (washing and drying).

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Product Application

lt can be used for different sized DPF, SCR, FAP an air filters of different industrial vehicles(buses, trucks, construction equipment, air conditioners and dust collectors) to completely remove PM10,cerium and oil deposits without damaging the filter.


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Company Information


KEER is an environmental engineering and automation firm providing industrial parts cleaning solutions for a wide range of industrial activities.
We offer our clients comprehensive industrial cleaning solutions, covering the following services: analysis, planning, design, construction, installation, maintenance and supply of related chemical agents for industrial cleaning.
Ever since the inception of our company we have promoted the implementation of the best available technologies, so as to ensure our clients are offered the best solutions for their specific needs.
We own a subsidiary export firm Keer International in providing our international clients with professional consulting and sales service.


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Q1: Will Flash-JET cleaner machine damage the DPF/SCR/FAP?
lt won't damage the performances of DPFISCR/FAP.The cleaning technology has been
authenticated in the market for many years. lIt has been proved by the facts that this cleaning method is totally safe for the filter and it doesn't damage the noble metals of the DPF.


Q2: How long are the cleaning and drying time?
From 30 minutes (car DPF-FAP) to 120 minutes (truck DPF)


Q3: Do I need cleaning agent to support?
Yes, we can provide professional cleaning agent to support cleaning, and totally environment-friendly type.


Q4: How about the installation and after-sales service?

We can provide detailed operational manual and videos to show the detailed installation and operation processes. On-line service can be provided, too. Furture more, our DPF cleaning machine has remote function. Our engineer can provide on-line debugging and technical support, if there is any problem during the operation.



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