agriculture hydroponics roll grow bench seed bed seedling bed

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Product Overview


Hydroponic system auto rolling bench growing system full Automatic Ebb and Flood system

Product Description

  Features of Tidal Irrigation
a. Water-saving and high-efficiency, up to 90% utilization rate;
b.Help plants grow faster, improves the utilization rate of facilities;
c. Avoid the production of water film on the leaf surface of plants.
d. Stable root medium water vapor content to prevent capillary roots from dying.
e. The relative humidity is easy to control, keep the leaves dry, and reduce the use of chemical drugs;
f. No weeds grow under the planting bed, reducing the growth of fungi.
g. Saving labor cost. 
h. It can be used at any time without limitation of varieties, specifications and time.
i. Keep the plants with stable quality and high production. 
j. Help you to get high investment return.

Table frame material special anodized aluminum alloy profile
panel/Tray Imported Tidal Seedling Plate/ ABS
Support material  aluminum-zinc-plated steel 30 mm×25 mm
Scaffolds roller adopts DN40×2.0t hot-dip galvanized steel pipe
Track material the roller adopts DN40×2.0t hot-dip galvanized steel pipe






1. How to make customized products

  Given the length, width and height, we will customize the mold for you

2. Is the packaging firm?

  Manually create custom wooden box packaging

3. How long is the lead time?

  5-7days(The quantity is different, the construction period is different)

4. Whether the product is indistinguishable from the picture?

  Basically consistent with the picture

5. Are there installation instructions?

  Provide installation instructions after leaving the factory

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