Адсорбции с перепадом давления декарбонизация и с высокой пропускной способностью для углекислого газа устройство для удаления (1600245775255)

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Alcohol recovery tower for the pharmaceutical, food, light industry, chemical industry, dilute alcohol recovery. Also apply to other products of the distillation of coal solubilization methanol. Alcohol recovery tower works with an alcohol boiling point lower than other solutions less than the boiling point of principle, with a slightly higher than the boiling point of alcohol, diluted alcohol solution to be recovered by heating evaporation, after rectifying tower to precipitate pure alcohol gas, improve concentration alcohol solution, to achieve the purpose of recovering alcohol.
Device structure Alcohol recovery tower bottoms consists of six parts, the tower, condenser, cooler, buffer tank, tank composed of high level, the present system and the material contact parts are made of stainless steel SUS304 or 316L manufacturing, with good corrosion resistance, and has energy saving, environmental protection, reduce production costs and improve efficiency advantages. The device can be 30 degrees to 50 degrees dilute alcohol distillation to 90 degrees to 95 degrees, the alcohol residue containing low emissions and comply with environmental requirements.
The device uses high efficiency stainless steel packing, access to some materials made of stainless steel, the exterior surfaces matt, meeting with the GMP standard.

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