OEM Stainless steel impeller electric/pneumatic stirrers impeller agitator mixer blade (1600246373523)

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Stirring impeller
stainless steel, Aluminum Alloy
CNC Machining

The pneumatic agitator can be infinitely variable, and the speed adjustment is very convenient. Because the air motor has the characteristics of safety, explosion-proof, dustproof, waterproof, and corrosion-proof, the pneumatic agitator also has these characteristics. It can be used in laboratories or production workshops that require explosion-proof, dust-proof, waterproof, and anti-corrosion. They can be washed with water to keep the workshop clean and hygienic.

Agitator impeller
1. The pneumatic mixer is safe and explosion-proof, and does not generate electric sparks. It is especially suitable for use in production environments with high requirements for explosion-proof levels, such as: paint, ink, and materials containing volatile ingredients;

Agitator impeller
2. The pneumatic mixer can be steplessly adjusted. As long as the opening of the intake valve or exhaust valve is controlled, that is, the flow of compressed air is controlled, the output power and speed of the motor can be adjusted, and the purpose of adjusting the speed and power can be achieved;

Agitator impeller
3. It is convenient to switch the forward and reverse direction of the pneumatic mixer. The forward and reverse rotation of the output shaft of the pneumatic motor can be controlled by controlling the direction of the motor's intake and exhaust through the reversing valve, and the direction can be changed instantaneously;

Agitator impeller
4. The pneumatic motor supporting the pneumatic mixer has overload protection and will not malfunction due to overload. When overloaded, the pneumatic motor will only reduce or stop. When the overload is removed, the motor can immediately resume normal operation without damage to the parts. Failure and continuous operation with full load for a long time, the temperature rise of the air motor is small;


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