White Mailer Mailing Packing Custom Bubble Poly Bag

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 Custom Logo Printed Hard Plastic Shipping bag
membranae tectoria,gold stamping,silver stamping,UV,concave-convex ect
clothing,documents,shoes jewelry ect
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Gravure Printing
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7-12 days


1.We have our own factory, rich products, we strictly check the quality of all products, in order to provide you with a quality service, create a happy shopping experience
2.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are always at your service
3.After the delivery, we will track the delivery until you receive the delivery
4.If you find any problem after you receive the express, please contact us and we will deal with it in time.
5.When you use them for a long time,if you have any good suggestion,you can tell us,offering a good shopping experience is our center which we chase all the time

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Usefulness of express bags
1.Can be used as garbage bag
There is a crack in the seal on the courier bag, which can be opened after the user tears it open, thereby ensuring the integrity of the bag, and the complete courier bag can be left at home and used as a garbage bag. Using this courier bag, I shop online several times a month, and even save money on buying garbage bags.
2.Can be used as a shopping bag
Not many things to buy, but a lot of plastic bags. If you use the courier bag a second time, this feeling is gone.
3. Can be used as a bone bag
As we all know, bone bags are very convenient in life, and they are also used in all aspects of family life. They can be moisture-proof, waterproof, insect-proof, and prevent things from scattering, and play a role of storage. ?
4. Anti-counterfeit express bag
The express bag is provided with anti-counterfeit adhesive tape at the seal. After being opened, an indelible imprint will be left, indicating that the bag has been opened. The anti-counterfeit express bag can be used as evidence of whether it is unsealed, and it can also be clarified whether it involves relevant personnel. Anti-theft, anti-theft, suitable for packaging and transporting valuables and confidential documents.

1. New upgrade, good quality, using LDPE, good toughness, strong tensile resistance
2. High load-bearing, professional blown film production, strong bearing capacity, wear resistance, not easy to break
3. Use destructive seals to prevent theft, reinforce design, and prevent flaring

Another advantage of express bags
Courier bags, also known as mailing bags, courier bags, courier packing bags, etc., refer to bags used to transport various materials, documents, item receipts and other packages in the courier industry.
1. Ingenious design.
Nowadays, when many people choose products, quality is no longer one of the factors that enable consumers to purchase successfully. Instead, one can catch consumers ’attention and attract people ’s attention. The packaging is the only thing, which requires a design team that can be tailored and customized according to their own products.
2. Due to the large demand for express bags, and the fact that logistics companies and express companies have more in the market, it is also very important to print their own exclusive LOGO on the express bags, which can to a large extent Bring a good publicity effect to your own product culture or corporate culture.
3, the express bag can also be used for secondary use. Its material is mainly plastic, and conductive carbon black can be added to the plastic to give it conductivity.

You can print the logo you want, our MOQ is 50pcs, clear printing, affordable, welcome to customize

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