Turnover Crate Tray Pallet Box Bin Washing Machine Industrial Plastic Crate Cleaning Machine Box Washer

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This equipment is used for cleaning all kinds of turnover baskets. The whole machine is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel to meet the national health requirements. The pipeline adopts a snap-in installation form, which is convenient for pipeline cleaning and reliable operation.Using multi-stage pump pressure supply, unique nozzle installation makes cleaning more thorough.

The equipment is divided into three groups of spray pipes, the first group is hot alkaline water, the second group is hot water, and the third group is normal temperature tap water. It is equipped with a water filter device and can be recycled. The transmission speed of the mesh belt can be adjusted. The conveying speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion to better exert the machine's efficiency and ensure the cleaning and drying effect. The use of light-sensitive technology to control the switch of the cleaning water reduces the energy consumption to a very low level. In addition, the design of separate pipelines for dirty water and clean water makes the water in the circulating water tank good and economical.

Spray system:

1).Conical cleaning nozzle arrangement for stereo four-way mounting structure, a scattered distribution, nozzle angle adjustable, cold, hot water cleaning, the cleaning is more thorough, all the pipes and joints are the quick change connector design, each nozzle pipe can achieve without dismounting tool, easy to clean, workers per shift cleaning without dead angle, cleaning the box without dead angle;

2).The first period of coarse washing nozzle, hot water washing to remove impurity on the surface of the box, the second section of the detergent, fine cleaning nozzle for fan and conical intersection using box clean more thoroughly, the third section of the water spray system, in order to flush left after washing liquid to clean the turnover box, foam and so on, eventually achieve the ideal cleaning effect.

3).Tank before the second stage adopts horizontal spray cleaning stainless steel centrifugal pump cycle, water pump using the best domestic pump pump industry (per 7.5 KW), southern water pump flow per hour 100 cubic, big flow pump small export, pressure big,clean the cleaner. In the first two paragraphs of water temperature 30-50 degrees self-control, after a period of ordinary water pump (each 3 kw), water spray system, to ensure the cleaning effect of ideal.

4).Design a water spray system, in order to achieve the ideal cleaning effect.

Working principal:

Steam is injected to water directly for heating; the spraying nozzles are used in all directions, so crates can be cleaned from different directions; there are three washing sections, 1st section by spraying alkali solution, cleaning temperature 80 degrees; 2nd section by spraying hot water, temperature 80 degrees; 3rd by normal water cleaning and meanwhile cool the crates before output;


The target enter into the machine from the stainless steel chain, sequentially through the warm water to high pressure hot water to room temperature water to disinfection water and then remove the water from the powerful fan. Sterilization and blow dry at the same time when the target is cleaned up fully. For hard cleaning, the hot soda water can be added and plus several brushes, focus on the bottom and two sides of the target, using continuous cleaning mode to improve the clean up effect.

Product Paramenters

Two Sections
There Sections
Five Sections
Machine plate
Power supply
Total power
Steam consumption
Water supply pressure
Steam pressure Mpa
Electric heating
Working height
Water consumption
0.5m*3/one tank

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Standard export wooden case packing, fit for multiple handing and long distance marine shipping.
delivery Time
For stock type, we can send within 48hrs after confirming order.
For customized type , delivery date need to be negotiated before taking order.


Q1. Are you source manufacture?
A1:Yes! We have our own LONKIA factory and very familiar with basket washing machine.Meantime, we provide technical and technology training in order to transfer the know-how to start and standardize production with our plants. The manual operation will be together with equipments. Our technicians are always at your serivce for any clarification or problem.

Q2.How can we order the machine?
A2:One way, please contact with us directly, we will send you Proforma Invoice for the order. The other way, you can place an trade assurance order in Alibaba.

Q3.What’s the MOQ?
A3:MOQ is 1 set

Q4.What’s the warranty?
A4:3 years warranty except quick wear parts.

Q5.How long is the delivery time?
A5:Usually it is 15 working days after deposit.Non-standard design depends on per order. Please contact with us freely if any other question, we will be service of you at any time.

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