Automatic Production Candle Wick Placement Machine Inserting Wicks Equipment with Multi Pieces Wicking Machine for Glass Jars

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Product Description

Automatic Candle Wick Inserting Machine
380V 60Hz three phase or 220V 60Hz three phase
Machine Size
Wick length
Gluing speed
3000pcs/h(depends on wick length
Machine weight
appro. 500kgs
Work type
Wick pieces
1-4pieces each jar

Candle Wick Inserting Machine

*This machine is customized for cutting and gluing coated cotton wicks into the glass or jar.

* It is full automatic which can insert one or two three four pieces wicks into the glass. It can be equipped with your full automatic candle production line

*3 in one functions: clip wick tab and cut wick, melt solid glue and spray glue to tab, servo system position jar center automatically.

The wick length can be adjusted on the touch screen, jar shape can be round square etc.

What it can help with our candle making:
1. Save labor cost

2. Meet high production requirements

The routine maintenance is just keep the sustainer holder and glue melter filled every half an hour.

We have specialized in candle making machine field over 10years. Our knowledge and resources can help your business. Contact us for more details.

Detailed Images

Automatica Cutting and Gluing the cotton wicks into glass

Full automatic candle production line

Control center
This part is for tabbing cutting the wick and spraying glue on tab and inserting the cotton wicks into the center of the jar. It can be customized according to your productivity requirements. One piece one time or four pieces one time.

High temperature glue melt machine:

Glue sprayer:
Spray glue into wick sustainer by the side of tab, no block the hole of wick sustainer, for better quality burning result

Automatic wick feeding, sustainer tabbing, wick cutting:

With sensors to detect every position, no need to worry about maintenance, the PLC will show you which part goes wrong and show you how to solve it:

Our team are specialized in CANDLE MAKING MACHINES, any requirement or feedback are welcome!

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