Cheap price 6kw 7.5kw ATC Water Cooling Spindle Motor For Milling Machine

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Price:$1,520.00 - $1,523.00
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Product Overview


Factory price 7.5Kw ATC ISO30 Water Cooling Spindle Motor For Milling

Product Parameter

Spindle Type
120*498 mm
12000-24000 RPM
Maximum Torque
400-800 HZ
Joint of nose
Cooling System
Water Cooling
  Bearing number
4 Pieces

Product Description

Product Details

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Product Application

Applicable range for the high speed electric spindle

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After-sales Service

Product maintenance and maintenance

1. When abnormal sound or vibration is found during the operation of the motorized spindle, the bearing should be stopped immediately and replaced with a new bearing when necessary.When the operation of the smell or sudden stop, should immediately cut off the power supply, with a shaking meter to measure the ground resistance and three-phase resistance of the stator, the loss of insulation resistance for the stator burned out should be returned to the factory to replace the stator.
2. When the electric spindle is out of service for a long time, the application of compressed air will blow the residual coolant in the cooling pipe clean, and the electric spindle rust prevention: the electric spindle is stored or out of service for 6 months, it must be replaced with new oil before it can be used, otherwise it will affect the life of the electric spindle.
3. In order to extend the service life of the motorized spindle, the new motorized spindle or the motorized spindle with new bearing should be evenly divided into 4~8 grades within the speed range, and the speed will rise again after 30min for each section, so as to avoid the direct high-speed operation and shorten the service life of the bearing.After the holiday, start the electric spindle running for half an hour without load, and then start work.
4, the damaged motorized spindle must be repaired, should be returned to the company by our company to repair, the company will serve you wholeheartedly.

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