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DTB crystallizer (is Drabt Tube Babbled abbreviation) is a high performance crystallizer, DTB crystallizer using the form in the draft tube, under the action of stirring and forced circulation pumps, control the overall flow field in the mold the way, achieve crystallization effect. DTB in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries are widely used doors, after years of running practice, it proved good performance of this type of mold, capable of producing a uniform and larger grains (grain size up to 600 ~ 1200μm), the intensity of production high and difficult to crystallization within the scar is. It has become a major form of a continuous crystallizer can be used to vacuum cooling, evaporation, crystallization operating in direct contact freezing and reaction method.
OSLO type crystallizer Chinese abbreviation: Oslo crystallizer, also often referred to Krystal crystallization or particle sizer type mold, the mold is one of the early adopters of a form, to be more widely used in industry. OSLO salt industry is commonly used in a typical mold. It features a solution from the upper part of the crystallizer effluent into the forced circulation pump, after the adoption of the solution can
produce saturation through the device into the mold center downcomer, gradually formed crystals were grown after sinking to the bottom of the mold, remove for the product.
In the process of circulation of materials, the use of clear mother liquid crystals do not participate in the cycle can not easily be broken, crystallized out from the middle of the crystallizer without limitation sedimentation, good crystal growth environment,
so a large crystal grain size, up to 6-20 mesh, i.e., 3mm large.

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