Micro PV Solution 25A Panel Level Firefighter Safety Switch (1600248698710)

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1.SEIZE THE VALUABLE TIME TO PUT OUT FIRE PEFS series firefighter safety switch matches international standard firefighter working procedure. In case of fire, once the AC circuit is turned off, the fast-shutdown switch will automatically turn off and isolate the PV panels, so the firefighters can eliminate the high voltage risk of PV panels on the roof and obtain the precious time to deal with the accident. 2.ISOLATE PV PANELS COMPLETELY The PEFS series use PEDS switch and can be used directly with PV panels. In case of fire, the firefighter safety switch can rapidly shut down the PV array, without any risk of high DC voltage. If the client wants the entire roof to achieve an even lower DC voltage (e.g. under 80V ~ 120V), it is possible to apply multiple safety switches (one for each 2-3 panels) to ensure maximum safety. 3.RESET AUTOMATICALLY Rosen's PEFS series firefighter safety switch resets automatically.When the AC power supply is turned off (e.g. during a power cut)and then the supply is restored, the PEFS series will reset and connect the circuit quickly and automatically. The client doesn't need to reset it manually each time. 4.REQUIRES NO ADDITIONAL NETWORKING AND MORE STABLE ON-OFF ABILITY Compared with common fast isolation devices using remote communication technology in the market, Rosen PEFS series firefighter safety switch is directly controlled by the AC circuit which requires no additional networking. It just uses the existing AC power system. In addition, PEFS does not carry out on-off function through electronic components, but through an isolation switch with arcextinguishing function, which disconnects the DC circuit directly with much more stability. 5.PROLONG THE LIFE CYCLE OF PV INVERTERS When Rosen's PEFS product is installed in the system, in case the AC circuit has no power such as during a power cut, powerline maintenance or grid failure, the DC circuit will be automatically shut down. This will greatly prolong the life of the PV inverters, and makes it safer to repair or replace PV inverters. 6.USE THE MOST POPULAR DC SWITCHES Rosen's PEFS series are equipped with a PEDS switch, which is the most popular PV application DC switch worldwide. The response time of Rosen's spring mechanism bounce is only 5 milliseconds, which can quickly extinguish the arc. Combined with self-cleaning contacts, the switches have increased durability and safety. For this reason, the PEDS has been selected as the preferred DC switch by many PV inverter manufacturers. 7.AS A PROFESSIONAL DC SWITCH MANUFACTURER Rosen has rich experience in developing DC switches and has customers worldwide. Rosen has become the No. 1 company in China developing physical isolation with arc extinguishing capability for direct current without using remote communication technology, effectively ensuring the safety of high DC voltage roofs.

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