Складная кроватка для новорожденных Barneseng, переносной многофункциональный мобиль белого цвета в форме короны, детская кроватка для сна

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0-18 months · TREE NEST bed mid-bed
1.5 kg
100% cotton printed fabric (Class A baby grade)
Native cotton (pure white color, high resilience)
Little blue star, Big blue star, Pink star,Naked pink little star,Pink love, white crown, Black white crown, Blue crown, Green leaves , Black clouds
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maternal and child products, baby safety products, baby bedding, bib bib towel, blanket, sleeping bag quilt, baby safety protection products.

Our Advantage
Our has conducted many experiments on sponges, cotton, and details. Finally, the materials used now are selected. The cotton we use has passed the certification of global textile authority Oeko-Tex Standard 100.\t

1、Mattress advantages:1) Edge comparison:Our Hemming fit sponge, the hemming in the market is loose and cannot fit the mattress. 2) Thickness comparison:The mattress of the our is 4cm thick, and the common one on the market is about 3cm thick. 3) Density Compression Resistance:Through comparison, it is found that the density of mattresses on the market is low, and it is easy for the baby to stick to the ground with a little weight, which is not conducive to the health of the baby's spine. Our mattress, it has better support ability, indicating that it fits the baby's spine better, it is helpful for the healthy growth of the baby.
2、Bed fence comparison:The bed fence of the our is made of soft knitted fabric, and the bed fence on the market is non-breathable polyester.
3、Weight bed fence whole small bed:The bed fence of the small number of the we is more full than the bed fence-gram large one on the market. The bed fence-gram weight of 900g(± 20g) is our regular bed fence-gram weight. For cross-border sellers, there are other weight requirements.When placing an order, contact customer service to customize the weight of bed fence grams. If the overall weight of bed fence grams is required, you can also directly explain the situation to the customer service. Only when the full bed fence is filled into the small bed can the effect of the product be completely displayed.
4、PP Cotton contrast (bed essence):PP cotton is the essence of the whole bed. We use pp cotton of the level used by infants, which is safe and healthy, and has no peculiar smell. We choose the original cotton without cotton to open the cotton by ourselves; most of the pp bright cotton used on the market is recycled cotton, which is yellow and has peculiar smell. It is suitable for pillow filling and not suitable for crib bedding.

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