Пластиковая плавающая понтонная док платформа и аксессуары для продажи

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Product Overview


Plastic floating pontoon dock platforms and accessories for sale

Floating Pontoon System


Product Description



 Material of Pontoon Buoy

 100% high molecular weight and high density synthetic material HDPE

 Pontoon buoy Size

 1000x500x400 mm
 Color of Pontoon Buoy

 Blue, orange, yellow,red and so on

 Pontoon buoyancy > 360 kg/m2 Detection method

 QB 1557-1992

 Diagonal tensile strength

 > 27 kN Detection method

 GB/T 1040.1-2006

 Compressive strength

 > 40 kN Detection method

 GB/T 8813-2008

 Tensile strength

 > 30 Mpa Detection method

 ASTM D638-2014

 Impact strength

 > 65kJ/m2 Detection method

 ASTM D256-2010

 ROHS tests

 The raw materials do not contain six chemicals including lead,

 mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyl

 and polybrominated diphenyl ether, making it more conducive to

 human health and environmental protection.




 Pontoon Steel Frame

 The main steel frame structure of the pontoon bridge adopts galvanized steel

 structure, and the material conforms to the national standard (GB700-88)

 Technical Conditions for Ordinary Carbon Steel.

 Pontoon Decking

 Float Pontoon Decking Panels are made of high-resistance bamboo and

 wood panels with high density, good toughness, high strength, strong and

 durable, not easy to deform, smooth texture, soft color, elegant and

 generous, and are environmentally friendly and green products.

 Fixing Parts

 As the average water depth at the site is 2-3 meters, the water level is stable

 all the year round and there are no waves, so the steel pipe pile is used

 for positioning and will not move due to external force.

 Pontoon Gangway

 The approach bridge shall be made of aluminum alloy or galvanized steel

 structure and laid with bamboo and wood panels with a load of 200 kg/m2

 or more. The shore is connected with a concrete base (bank protection)

 by a hinged seat. Nylon roller sets are welded at the bottom of one end of

 the floating bridge.

Installation & Application


 First, connect the individual buoys through earrings.

 A single buoy forms a plane.

 Place the short connecting bolt into the concave hole in the plane at an angle of 45 degrees.

 Use a special tool torque wrench to install the buoy.

 Turn the torque wrench counterclockwise for 45 degrees to connect the individual buoys.

 Complete the installation.


About Us


Packaging & Shipping



 Q1. What is life expectancy for the product?

 A: Life expectancy: 15-20 years.

 Q2. Price per square meter including all required accessories or not?

 A: We will quoted the price by SQM including all required accessories. They are easy to be

 assemble or disassemble.

 Q3. Do they need to be dismembered and stored in winter time?

 A: The material do not need to be dismembered and stored in winter time, they are anti-freezing.

 Q4. Do the products have Gangway?

 A: Yes, we can supply all the parts for pontoon according to your request.

 Q5. Are you able to tie wooden board on the surface?

 A: Yes, we do. We will send wooden board and related accessories. They are easy to be assemble

 or disassemble.


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