Wholesaler Cold Rolled 0.3 Mm Zinc Standard Specifications Corrugated Steel Roofing Sheet Per Ton Price

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Price:$700.00 - $776.00
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Product Overview


Product Description

Main introduction
Roof board is the board that can bear roof load directly.Roof panels are located on the roof of the house and are generally madeof aluminum, magnesium, manganese or alloy.After the roof board is assembled on the gable inclined beam of the top floor of the house, the wing board is overlapped and covered so that a number of single box roof panels do not appear vertical joints to see the light, forming a good overall slope roof

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Weather resistance, corrosion resistance in acid, alkali, salt chemical corrosive environment shows good corrosion resistance
Waterproof performance is prominent in the 15-90 degree slope roof building without the use of waterproof layer.
Good fire performance - material combustion resistance grade is B1 grade is combustible material
Sound insulation performance is good
Large area and light weight reduce building load.
Rich color, lasting stability -- fluorocarbon paint coating, rich color, smooth surface, acid and alkali resistance, no mildew, as
new as rain.
Convenient construction -- the product can be directly nailed, drilled, saw, planed, easy to deal with the facade and arc window


 2.5-- 4.5 kg/m2
Applicable temperature

Tensile  Bending strength
Life span
more than 25 years

Scope of application
Modern factories, fertilizer plants, sewage treatment plants, electroplating plants, power plants, breeding plants, markets,
warehouses and other large industrial buildings, roof and wall construction and workshop renovation projects

The main features
Light weight, high strength processing and heat treatment methods can achieve high strength, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali
resistance, good surface treatment, diverse and beautiful can be anodic oxidation, electrophoresis, chemical treatment, polishing,
painting processing plasticity, easy processing, good electrical conductivity can prevent electromagnetic interference and reduce
the flammability of special environment convenient installation;Aluminum metal can be riveted, welded, glued and other ways to
connect. Environmental protection, 100% recycling
YX25- 205-802YX25-205-1025 YX25- 210-840YX8-130-910 YX35-125-750
YX25- :248-992 YX28-207-828YX35- -237.5-95 0

Packing & Delivery

water-proof package or as per customer required

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