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Product Overview


1. Product Description





1. Indoor Fire Hydrant

Indoor fire hydrant is the indoor pipe network water supply to the fire site, with valve interface, for the factory, warehouse, high-rise buildings, public buildings and ships and other indoor fixed fire facilities, usually installed in the fire hydrant box, with fire hose and water gun and other equipment for use.Pressure reducing and stabilizing type fire hydrant is one of them.



2. Outdoor Fire Hydrant


a. GroundIing Fire Hydrant

Ground fire hydrant is an outdoor above ground fire water supply facility.It is used to supply water to fire truck or connect with hose and water gun to put out fire.Its upper part is exposed to the ground, which is clearly marked and easy to use.It is composed of body, elbow, seat, disc, drain valve, stem and interface. Ground fire hydrant is a kind of necessary fire-fighting equipment in the city, especially in urban areas and areas with few river courses, it should be installed to ensure the need of fire fighting and water supply.Factories and mines, warehouses, docks, freight yards, high-rise buildings, public places and other densely populated areas should be installed when conditions permit.


b. Underground Fire Hydrant

Underground fire hydrant is an outdoor underground fire water supply facility.It is used to supply water to fire truck or connect with hose and water gun to put out fire.Installed underground, does not affect the city appearance, traffic.It is composed of body, elbow, seat, disc, drain valve, stem and interface.Underground hydrants are indispensable fire extinguishing and water supply devices in cities, factories, mines, power stations, warehouses, wharves, residences and public places.Especially in urban areas and areas with fewer river channels.The product has reasonable structure, reliable performance and convenient use.When using underground hydrants, there should be a clear sign.Underground hydrants are common in cold areas.



2.Product Parameters & Images


1. Indoor Fire Hydrant


TypeCommon typePressure reducing typePressure reducing and stablizing type Rotation typeRotation, pressure reducing & stablizing typeRotation & pressure reducing typeDual-valve dual-outlet type
Nominal diameter(mm)DN65DN65DN65DN65DN65DN65DN65
Nominal operating pressure  1.6Mpa
Strength test pressure  4.8Mpa
Applicable medium  Water, foam mixture


hydrantfire hydrant valvefire hydrantfire hydrant





2. Grounding Fire Hydrant


Types: SS100/65-1.6A  SS150/80-1.6A 

           SSF100/65-1.6  SSF150/80-1.6

           SST100/65-1.6  SST150/80-1.6

           SSFT100/65-1.6  SSFT150/80-1.6

fire hydrantfire hydrantfire hydrant





3. Underground Fire Hydrant

Types: SA100/65-1.6   SA150/80-1.6



3. Company Information





Forging ahead through the course of trial and hardship, the adventurous CA Fire protection Co., LTD founded in 2012,situated in NANAN, Quanzhou city, Fujian Province China, the famous hometown of overseas Chinese in the southeast coastline, which is also a professional enterprise specializing in R&D, production, sales and service of fire fighting equipments. On the basis of creating values for clients with products and service, the company keeps in step with the development trend of advanced manufacturing and inspection technologies, makes continuously the technical innovation and seeks the technology leadership and provides clients with superior products and service.


The products involve more than 100 specs of pressure proportioning tank, Foam bladder tank, foam generator, portable foam fire extinguishing installation, foam gun, foam nozzle, foam fire hydrant, foam fire hydrant cabinet, wet alarm valve, deluge alarm valve, pre-action valve, water flow indicator, sprinkler nozzle, signal butterfly valve, signal gate vale, outdoor fire hydrant, Siamese connection, fire hydrant cabinet, lined fire hose ,hose reel, indoor fire hydrant, water-stream nozzle, fire coupling and so on. These products are inspected qualified by national inspection center and have obtained the type approval of fine fighting products by Ministry of Public Security and the CCC compulsory certification of fire fighting products. The products are widely applied and get great recognition and appraisal by the clients in national major projects, large public places and specialized markets.


Hanker for the remarkable quality, serve wholeheartedly for you!




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