Agricultural Grade Water Soluble Fertilizer NPK 17 5 17 Cal Mag Formula For Tomato and vegetable crops (1600252029540)

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Technical Data Sheet
Product Name
Agricultural Grade Water Soluble Fertilizer NPK 17-5-17 Cal-Mag Formula For Tomato and vegetable crops
Macro-Nutrient NPK Fertilizer + Trace Element
NPK + Ca Mag + TE
Place of Origin
Shandong, China
Release Type
Brand Name
jinmai & OEM
Pink, customized
100% water soluble
Production time
7-10 days
Boron, Iron, Molybdenum, Zinc, Copper, manganese
10Kg, 25KG, Customized
Item name
NPK water soluble fertilizer
NPK 17-5-17 + Ca Mag + TE
Functions and features
Tomato and vegetable crops love calcium and magnesium! This 17-5-17 Cal-Mag formula contains the ideal balance of the two for ideal nutrition. This balanced water-soluble blend is further enhanced with chelated micronutrients to maximize nutrient uptake.
1. Multi nutrition, 100% water soluble, fully absorbed.
2. Low conductivity, safty use, don't burn seedlings.
3. BWP technology, excellent absorption rate, improve soil microenvironment.
Drip irrigation(micro-irrigation) :1kg/m³water
Water flush: 5-10Kg/Mu
Foliage spray: dilute 800-1200 times spray evenly.
1. Strictly prohibited mixed with strong alkaline agents.
2. Avoid application in extreme weather.
3. Stored in a cool dry place.
4. Valid period: Five years.


* Artichoke * Broccoli * Cabbage
* Cauliflower * Carrot * Cucumber
* Eggplant * Garlic * Lettuce * Melon
* Onion * Pepper * Pumpkin * Tomato
* Squash/courgette * Watermelon

Fruit Trees
* Almond * Apple * Apricot * Avocado
* Banana * Cherry * Citrus * Cocoa
* Coffee * Durian * Guava * Hazelnut
* Hop * Longan * Mango * Nectarine
* Olives * Peach * Pear * Persimmon
* Pomelo * Quince * Vineyard/Grape
Field Crops
* Asparagus * Barley * Beans * Rice
* Chickpea * Clover * Corn/Maize
* Cotton * Oil seed * Peas * Sunflower
* Pineapple * Potato * Soybean* Wheat
* Sugar beet * Tobacco * Sugar cane

Floriculture / Ornamentals
* Anthurium * Gerbera * Gypsophila
* Gladioli * Delphinium * Dahlia
* Limonium * Tulips * Lilium
Gradening / Horticulture
*Rose * Hydrangea * Succulent
* Herb * Fragrant Plants * Climbing Vine
* Flowering Shrub * Ornamental Tree
*Golf courses *Football field
*Rugby field * Urban greening
*Landscape *Lawn

Efficacy Trials

Increase the yield
After using our water soluble fertilizer, the crops yield increased significantly.
Increase fruit quality and production
After using our water soluble fertilizer, the fruit quality and production increased.

Our Advantages

Company Profile

Shandong Jinmai Plant Cell Information Technology Co.,Ltd
Our Parent Company is located in Tsinghua Science Park, Gaoxin District, Weifang. It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in new fertilizer innovation, agricultural microbes and their metabolites technology research, product development, and achievement promotion. Produce in Jinma Anqiu Branch, the main production equipment is one automatic powder NPK water-soluble fertilizer, one semi-automatic powder NPK water-soluble fertilizer, one automatic liquid fertilizer production line, one biological enzymatic hydrolysis device, one three-stage fermentation device. The annual output of microbial secondary metabolites is more than 5000 tons, biological enzymatic proteins more than 6000 tons, functional biological stimulant hormone liquid fertilizers 15,000 tons, and solid inorganic salt water soluble fertilizers 20,000 tons. Match the national and municipal key laboratory of new fertilizer.
We have a world-class R&D team and have obtained a number of national invention patents,certified by three ISO certification systems. At the same time, we have established a cooperation system with many manufacturers to provide various technical services. Up to now, our products have been exported to more than 30 countries, such as Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, etc. We attach great importance to the development of customers, and establish long-term&stable growth cooperation objectives with customers, provide high-quality cooperation solutions to consolidate the core competitiveness of both parties in the international markets.
The main direction is composed of three plates
1.Biological Enzymatic hydrolysis engineering
2.Biosynthetic cell Factory engineering
3.Comprehensive technology development of plant nutrition

Product process

Workshop Pictures

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Amino Acids Mg Ca Fertilizer
* Activate cell division, promote rapid cell division and growth, and increase plant vitality.
* Improve plant resistance to diseases and insect pests, increase yield and improve quality.
Foliar Boron Fertilizer
* Cell wall strength and development
*. Improve cell division and sugar transport.
* Increases flower production and retention, pollen tube elongation and germination, and seed and fruit development.
Calcium Magnesium Fertilizer
* Resolves Common Calcium Or Magnesium Deficiencies.
* Increase Chlorophyll Levels For Maximized Plant Production.
* Thicker Cell Walls for stronger plants.
* Enhanced root mass for larger yields.

Secondary&Micronutrients mix
* Ca&Mg improve fruit quality and yield.
* Promote vegetative growth.
* Prevention and treatment of micro-deficiencies.
5-11-26 Hydroponic formula
* 100% water soluble, quick results
* Super concentrated and easy to use!
* Contains all the trace minerals needed!
Liquid Calcium Boron
* Improves fruit quality, stunted growth and shelf-life.
* Developed for foliar application. Also suitable for fertigation in open field and greenhouses

1. Can I get free samples?
Yes, I can provide free sample for you to test our quality.

2. Can you provide OEM service?
Yes, just provide the formula composition and private label requirement, we can make it exactly as you want.

3. Do you test all your goods before delivery?
Yes, we have 100% test before delivery.

4. What is your delivery time ?
Within 7 Working Days After Payment.

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