Polymeric ferric sulfate or ferric sulfate PFS in sulphate CAS 10028 22 5 with favorable price (1600252686624)

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Product Overview


Bluwat is the Coagulant & Flocculant Manufacturer based in China over 20 years.

Product Description

CAS No. : 10028-22-5 FERRIC SULPHATE
BLU Ferric Sulphate powder form is an effective coagulant, excellent for treating all kinds of drinking water, industrial water, wastewater and sewage, and phosphorus removal, struvite control as well as sludge conditioning.

Light Yellow Powder
Fe3+ Content (%)
19% Min
Restore Substances ( Fe2+) Content%
1.0% Max
PH(1% water solution)
Insoluble Substances (%)
1.0 Max


1. Drinking water purifying.
2. Sludge dewatering.
3. Industry waste water treatment (such as the paper making waste water, the printing waster water, the massacre waste water, the automobile manufacturing waste water, the beer factory waste water and so on.),
4. Many kinds of industry circulating water treatment (ex,the make-up water of the high pressure boiler in the heat and power plant, the industry waste water in biochemical treating factory, the waste emulsifying solution, the opalescent solution and the oil waste water.
5. Clarifying agent in Sugar, Medicine, Tanning, Cosmetic etc Mining water clarifying.

Water Treatment
Oil Drilling

Sludge Dewatering
Food Processing

Export Details

Packed in inner plastics bags and polypropylene woven bags, with each bag containing 25kgs, or 1200kgs ton-bag on pallets.
Loading Port
shanghai, qingdao
Payment Terms
L/C / TT / DP / DA
O/A 60 days for approved company (contact us now to check if your company can benifit from this clause )
Lead Time
Normal 7 days
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Sample is free, the shipping fee by DHL could pay by two ways.
1. Provide your DHL import account
2. Transfer fee by Paypal to us

Our Factory

20+ years Manufacturer operating water treatment products
★ Cooperate with Fortune 500 company
★ ODM OEM Service Available
★ Main Products: Polyacrylamide / Water Decoloring Agent / Polyaluminium Chloride / polydadmac / polyamine
★ 3 Production Base
80000 Tons Annual Sales of Water Treatment Products
15000+ Clients from 80 countries buy from us

Founded in 2000, Bluwat Chemicals Co.,Ltd is dedicated to the highest standards in the manufacturing, distribution and development of water treatment chemicals.

With three manufacturing facilities, we are able to produce an extensive range of high quality coagulant & flocculant, including Water Decoloring Agent, Polyacrylamide, Polyaluminium Chloride, polydadmac, polyamine etc.

More than that, We have in excess of 200 tried and tested water treatment solutions available to treat wastewater from textile, mining, Oil, paper-making and etc industries. Whatever your requirements are, we will have the solution.

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