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Merydi offers a complete 10-in-1 water test strips that provide simple testing foryour water, pool and spa giving you clear reading results on various chemical componets with test results on the following:
**Total Alkalinity
**Free Chlorine
**Total Hardness
** Nitrite
** Lead

Direction for use:
1) Take a sample of water in a clean cup and simply dip the strip into the water and remove immediately.
2)Hold horizontally for 30secs.(do not shake excess water from strips) then compare the strips to the color chart for Total Alkalinity,Free Chlorine, Ph, Total Hardness, Total Chlorine, Cyanuric Acid, Nitrite,Nitrate and Bromine,Copper,Lead,Iron, chromium,Ammonia(in that order) and treat your water if necessary and then do a re-test before using your water.
3)Always keep the cap tight on your strips container in betwnn uses to keep the strips clean, fresh as well as to prevent itfrom spilling

IMPORTANT: Remember to keep the strips in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight. Leave the packet of drying agent in the container at all times, to keepthe strips in their best condition.
14 parameters water test strips 14 in 1 Drinking Water 6 in 1 aquarium 4 in 1 Pool & Spa Strips water test kits
Throughout the world, unsafe water is the source of health problems and high mortality rates. In the United States, we assume that our water is safe for ourselves, our family, our pets, plants and more. However, the following statistics may surprise you. In the U.S.:

Over 2/3 of the estuaries and bays are badly degraded from nitrogen and phosphorous pollution
✔ 45% of our streams, 47% of our lakes, and 32% of our bays are polluted.
✔ 45% of our rivers are too polluted for fishing, swimming or marine life
✔ We use over 2.2 billion lbs of pesticides annually that in time wash into our rivers and lakes
✔ Over 73 different pesticides have been found in the groundwater that eventually ends up in our drinking water
✔ Failing septic systems throughout the country cause untreated waste to flow into streams, rivers, and lakes
✔ Over 1.2 trillion gallons of sewage, groundwater, and industrial waste are released into our waters annually

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Name of test paper:
ph,total hardness,total alkalinity,total chlorine,free chlorine,Bromine,Cyanurice acid,Pb/lead,iron,copper,NO2O(hydrogen peroxide),Nitrate,Nitrite.

1.The usual lower limit data is 0.5mg/l of the test paper's coloration sensibility, it could be tested by color comparison tube when tracer liquid below the lower limit.
2.It is the same method of application with PH test paper, count ten seconds that will do ration. 3.Concentration's ration is compared with colour atla, colour atla is divided into five grads generally. 

Product Description

50 or 100 strips/barrel
expire time
easy to use, result could be get in seconds

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