Insen предоставляет талисман Bacillus для растений

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 Insen Provide Bacillus Subtilis For Plant






[Main ingredients] Bacillus subtilis and its metabolites, suitable carriers.

[Live bacteria content] ≥ 2 × 1010 CFU / g, 1 × 1011 CFU / g, 2 × 1011 CFU / g

[Brand] Insen

[Storage conditions] Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place.

[Packing specifications] 25kg / bag, 25kg / barrel.

[Shelf life] Store at room temperature for 24 months.

[Scope of application] Livestock and poultry, special animals, pets, aquaculture; microbial fertilizer; river channels, domestic sewage, septic tanks, etc.



Bacillus Subtilis For Plant is produced through a unique fermentation process from microorganisms that are completely screened from the natural world.


Our bacillus subtilis has high spore content, stable performance, strong activity and long-lasting action time.


It is safe and convenient to use, non-toxic, non-corrosive, harmless to animals and plants, and ecologically safe.





In feed additive

In Agriculture

In Aquaculture

Maintaining intestinal ecological balance and enhancing anti-stress ability; the bacteria can produce organic acids, various enzymes and B vitamins, promote digestion and absorption, improve feed conversion rate; regulate immunity : Stimulate the growth and development of immune organs, enhance resistance, improve survival rate; optimize breeding environment, eliminate odor.

Improve crop resistance to , cold, drought, heat, and insects, have certain nitrogen-fixing, -resolving, potassium-removing effects, improve soil structure and micro-ecological environment, improve fertilizer utilization, promote root growth, and balance soil pH Value to overcome continuous cropping obstacles.

 It can consume a large amount of organic matter in water and decompose it into small molecule organic acids, amino acids and ammonia, improve water quality and provide nutrition for Monascus; inhibit harmful algae, increase water activity; Toxic substances such as nitrite, ammonia nitrogen and hydrogen sulfide, purify the breeding environment.





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Dosage: Calculated based on the content of 2 × 1010 CFU / g, other products can be converted according to the actual content.


1. Dosage in feed addition: 100-150g / t for poultry, 150-200g / t for livestock, 100-200g / t for aquatic products.


2. Dosage in agriculture: direct use: 1-2kg / mu; formulated organic fertilizer according to GB20287-2006 (50 million / g); fermented organic fertilizer: 300-400g / ton, it is recommended to use with Bacillus megaterium and other Use with microbial products.


3. Dosage in aquaculture: Sprinkle evenly at 100 ~ 200g / mu · m against water, use once every 10 ~ 15 days. Severe deterioration of water quality can be doubled, and re-used every 5-7 days.


4, the amount of sewage treatment: according to 3-5g / m³, according to conditions and indicators, the amount of addition and subtraction.



Stable product quality


The bacteria content is stable, the sporulation rate is neat, the strain activity is high, the stress resistance is high, the enzyme production activity is high, and the strict strain selection quality can be identified.

Reliable strain source


Cooperate with Jiangnan University, Jiangsu University, Nanjing Agricultural University, Shanghai Ocean University and other universities to research and develop strains and produce them independently. Various parameter standards have reached national standards.

Higher precision production process


The production process uses liquefaction fermentation and centrifugal spraying, with high production capacity, high content of bacterial original powder collection, no bacteria, more clean products and controllable quality.

More rational production process


From strain selection-finished product packaging is strictly controlled at each production link. From hardware to software, production testing products according to standard processes have passed ISO / third-party testing certification.



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