Continuous Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Emission meet USA Standard

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Product Overview



Product Name
Waste Plastic Pyrolysis To Fuel Oil Equipment
5TPD, 6TPD, 8TPD, 10TPD, 12TPD, 15TPD,50TPD
Reactor Material
Q345R, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel
Reactor Thickness
16.45mm, 18.45mm
Total Weight
30-40 tons (Varies by Design and Capacity)
Working Power
15-30KW(Varies by Design and Capacity)
Labor Qty Require
2-4 Persons for per set machine, more machine, fewer labors
Processing Time
Feeding 2 Hours, Processing 8-9 hours, Carbon Black and Steel Wire Discharging 1.5 hours. 
(Take 12TPD capacity as example)
Application Material
Waste Tyre, Waste Rubber, Waste Plastic, Waste Oil Sludge, Waste Aluminum Foil, Waste Cable,
 Waste Leather, Waste Acrylic(PMMA),etc...
Heating Fuel
Pyrolysis Oil, Natural Gas, Electricity, Coal, Firewood, etc...

1) Raw Material Can be Used In Pyrolysis Machine

2) Final Production and Usage

20-80% Plastic Oil
12-72% Carbon Black

Output Name
Output Yield


Plastic Oil

* Sell directly.
* Further refining to get standard diesel and gasoline via Xieli distillation machine.
* Use as fuel for heating pyrolysis machine or distillation machine.


Carbon Black

* Sell directly.
* Further Refine carbon via carbon black refining machine.
* Make pellet via carbon pellet maker.


Syn Gas

* Recycle as fuel through gas burner system(we supply gas burner for free).
* Extra gas also can be storage as fuel for other heating.

3) Layout Drawing

Company Profile

Why Choose Us

Machine Durable Using and High Efficiency Manufacturing Technology

Reactor material
Adopt high pressure and temperature resistance steel plate to ensure longer service life. For some speical raw material , we use
special steel plate
High efficiency discharging
Adopt screw converyor discharging device , discharge carbon black in sealed condition , no pollution and save labour and time .
Integrated condensing device
All of the condensing parts have been installed together before delivery from factory , save installation time and ensure welding
Labour Saving
Auto feeder machine to feed raw material automatically , save labour and time.
Motor & Valve
All of the motors can be customized.All of the valves use stainless steel.

Non pollution
Adopt 3 layers of ceramic packing dedusting device and water spray , finally no black smoke discharged out. SGS emission report
Safety devices
Alarm , auto pressure releasing device , and anti back fire device , vacuum pump to ensure the machine working smoothly.

After-sale Service

Pre-Sale Service
Design and manufacture machines for you as your special requirements, provide you with project, process design, and purchase
On-Sale Service
Accompany with you to look around our factory, explain the manufacture process of our machines, and check the quality of our
After-Sale Service
Engineers are available to install and debug equipments of the whole production line, besides, training operators on site.

Successful Project

Our Machine has been served for more than 1000 customers, running life at least 5 years, after 5 years running, you can only replace the reactor with new is Ok, other parts you can use at least 10 years, so we provide the durable machine to your end.


Delivery our machine to more than 60 countries
Since 2008, we have exported our Pyrolysis machine and distillation machine to more than 63 countries, but every customer buy from us all get our best service and we send most professional engineer installation guidance,commissioning and training customer workers, we will not leave until customer can operate machine without any problem. We are always here waiting for cooperating with you, welcome query 24 hours!


Can we process mixed material of tire and plastic?
We don't suggest that working, because their pyrolysis temperature different, if mix, will waste your heating energy. 
Is XL-20 Pyrolysis Plant a BATCH system?
No, semi-continuous with pretreating system
Also can this plant take all types of waste plastic?
Except PET and PVC, the rest can be deal with.
What's the advantage of " Three in one"?
Oil tank, oil condenser,hydraseal Save installation time and land; with good cooling effect
Does the reactor use the burnable gases generated by the pyrolysis process as additional fuel to heat the reactor?
Yes.The combustible gas generated during the pyrolysis process after the hydroseal desulfurization and imputoty removal, can be
used as fuel heating the reactor.
Are there other locations. I saw an office in Canada. Is that correct?
We have set up branches and overseas warehouses in Russia, Pakistan and Uzbekistan.

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