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200L Square Wax Melter
220V 50hz single phase

200L Square Wax Melter

*Materials are made of Stainless steel 304.

It has double layers to keep warm, and able to insulate to protect employees from being burned.

* The bottom of the tank is thickened.

It is radian design which can save material and use material totally.

* With two heating tubes, It will melt faster.

One extra heating tube for free,No delay in work.

* There are round shape and square shape to choose.

The size and shape of the tank can be customized as you request.

Detailed Images

Removable lid and mixer device

 wax valve, water valve and water level gauge

Heating pipe and brake

Double layers

Electric Control Box
1.You can set wax temperature as your request and keep it at a certain degree.

2.Though the electric controller and and heater switch, you can adjust the temperature of the heating elements.

3. You can use the mixer controller to adjust the speed of the mix divide.

4.Electric heated tank is energy-efficient, faster, and less steps.The wax can melt within 2 hours.

Wax Output Valve

Mix Divide

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