MoonManX1 mechanical retractable fountain pen EF nib resin male and female adult student writing hand account pen made in China (1600260875708)

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Product Overview


Product Parameters
Maximum Diameter
Cap Diameter
Grip diameter
Nib Diameter
Packing weight
108g ~113g
Ink Storage Method
Ink sac(mini 2.6mm caliber)

What is a mechanically retractable fountain pen?

because in the non-working state, the pen tip is retracted into the barrel, and then the pen tip is rotated out when working。

There is also a stabilizing shaft in the pen cap. When it is closed, it will buckle closely with the small groove on the pen tongue to prevent the telescopic shaft from damaging the pen tip when it rotates inadvertently.

Preparation for writing

The weight of X1: 20g without cap, 30g with cap.
These two weights meet the two types of hand-touching needs.
Moreover, the length of the pen body can fit the human body well whether it is taking off the cap or wearing the cap.

After repeated trials and data optimization, after the cap is reversed, the pen holder and the pen tip are parallel to ensure that the writing is natural and beautiful.
What needs to be reminded is:
Because the structure of the tail thread area is tapered, the angle must be mastered when reverse screwing, and don't force the screw at will.

Installation steps of the ink sac

About NIB
Two color nibs, white with rose gold nibs, black with silver nibs
The writing thickness is EF (0.4mm)

0.0115 s.