sandrock sx 52 vcx 200 voltas 1300 ycc 120 345 200t iron ore machine compound cone crusher t/h (1600261390759)

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 Vertical shaft impact sand making machine introduction:
Impact crusher (also known as VSI series new sand making machine) is a newly developed sand making machine. Years of technical accumulation, modern processing equipment, precision production to ensure the status of impact crushers.
VSI series high-efficiency vertical shaft impact crusher is a new high-performance sand making equipment that combines working conditions and introduces new research results. This machine is specially designed for highway, high-speed railway, high-rise building, municipal, hydropower dam construction, concrete mixing station, and is a common equipment in the field of artificial sand making and stone shaping.

Vertical shaft impact sand making machine principle:
Full-center feeding: The material falls into the feeding hopper of the sand making machine, enters the high-speed rotating wheel through the center feeding hole, and is rapidly accelerated in the boring wheel. The acceleration can reach tens of times the gravity acceleration, and then the high-speed wheel The inner shot is firstly impacted with another part of the material that has fallen freely after the rebound, and then impacted on the material lining (stone stone) or the counter-attack block (stone hitting iron), and is rebounded obliquely upward to the top of the vortex chamber, and then changed. The direction of motion, the downward movement of the deflection, and the impact of the material emitted from the impeller flow path form a continuous material curtain.

Vertical shaft impact sand making machine performance characteristics:
1. Freely choose the lubrication method (oil type and thin oil type) to quickly realize the exchange between modules;
2. Re-optimizing the designed deep cavity impeller structure and increasing the production capacity of the equipment by 30%;
3, the application of special motors, energy consumption has been effectively reduced, while designing a unique air self-circulation system, fully sealed structure, environmentally friendly dry process sand making, more green and environmentally friendly.
4. The use of flexible peripheral steel plates and other important components produced by wear-resistant cast steel materials greatly extend the service life of the equipment;
5, combined throwing head, just replace the worn parts, can reduce the cost of use by 30%.
6, the center and the surrounding feeding, flexible adjustment, easy to convert.


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