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Product Overview


2021 Promotional cold chain transportation 28L vaccine Thermal Ice Chest Portable ice Cooler Box with Good Quality

Product Description


Vaccine Transport Cooler Box

FinePE™ XIU / XPU series vaccine transport cooler box has been widely used in all medicine subdivisions for high-standard cold-chain transportation. Our professional team can provide customized solutions from product packaging, transportation, process temperature control, and the insulation hours can be up to about 120. 


Features of the Vaccine Transport Cooler Box:

1. Vaccum insulation panel and PU foam, long time temperature keeping

2. PCMs made from high and new technology biological material

3. Suitable for goods need to be keep temperature at 2~8℃, -15~-25℃ or 15~25℃

4. A more consistent shape for packing space sensitive payloads

5. Designed to withstand the toughest of bumps, tumbles and thuds

6. One-piece technology made the container more firmly

7. Packaged in durable PP out protect case

8. Eco-friendly and non-toxic, non-caustic




Functions of the Vaccine Transport Cooler Box: 

Cold Chain Boxes, specially designed to hold temperatures within essential safe temperature limits without electricity during transport or use for:

1. Vaccines, blood, veterinary, laboratory, Biopharmaceutical, Life Science and other Medical Products

2. IVD products and biological specimens

3. National Health Service, WHO, UNICEF, Blood & Tissue Transplant Agencies

4. Selected fresh food, drink and dairy products



Working Theory of Passive Cooling Incubator:

A cold box is an insulated container that can be lined with water packs to keep vaccines and diluents in the required temperature range during transport or short-term storage. Depending on the model, cold boxes can be used to store vaccines for periods of up to two days or more when there is no electricity available, when the health facility refrigerator is out of order, or when a passive container is needed while the refrigerator is being defrosted. Once packed, cold boxes should not be opened until the vaccine is needed.


The “cold life” of a cold box is the maximum length of time that a closed cold box can maintain temperatures below +10 °C when it is lined with frozen ice packs. Current prequalified cold box models have a maximum cold life of two to seven days when tested at a constant +43 °C.

A cold box to be used at health facility level should be chosen based on the following factors:

• The vaccine and diluent storage capacity needed for the supply period.

• The cold or cool life required, which depends on the maximum time vaccines will

be stored in the box (including transport time).

• The type and number of water packs designed to be compatible with the size of the

cold box.



Product Structure:

1. Unique VIP and PU integrated foaming technology, long time temperature keeping

2. One-piece hollow plate folded shell made the container more firmly

3. Solder joints are more secure and beautiful

4. Trapezoidal connection between the box body and the cover, sealing tightly

5. Each insulation box is independently verified, report can be queried

6. Built-in temperature monitoring system can record data in real time, report can be printed by printer



Product Parameters:

Our standard product capacity is: 12L, 28L, 56L, 70L, 97L, 130L, 150L

We also offer customized size and capacity 






Specifications of the Vaccine Transport Cooler Box :

Model Number



28 L

Inner Size


Outer Size


Inner Material

PU foaming/PU+Vacuum Insulation Panel

Thermal Conductivity

Lower than 0.0025 w/m.k.

Cold Source

PCM phase change material ice brick

Outer Material

PP hollow sheet

Core Material

Vacuum Insulation Panel


51 mm 

Our Advantages


CIMC has China‘s leading technology research and development team, high-quality management team and professional transportation team, and has developed several sets of professional and strict global cold chain transportation solutions. Design temperature control solution and aging management scheme for each temperature requirement, and provide the whole process temperature data report to ensure the strict traceability of temperature data. Its distribution scope covers more than 200 countries and regions around the world, providing a one-stop pharmaceutical cold chain for drug research and development, vaccines, biological reagents, stem cell immunotherapy, clinical medicine and other institutions. There are more than 50 service sites in the world, more than 5000 account managers, and the international network covers Europe, Asia, and more than 200 regions and countries every week. The self-developed precision temperature control incubator carries the new crown kit and the aid drugs, which are respectively transported to more than 100 countries such as Portugal, Germany, Polland, the Netherlands and Cambodia. At the critical moment of global anti epidemic, it ensures the transportation of kits and helps the global anti epidemic!


As the owner of one of the biggest phase-change cooler box R&D data center and production base, FinePE got independent intellectual property rights more than 60 and developed products up to 600 kinds. From Ice Packs, Ice Bricks, Medical Insulation Boxes to Intelligent cold chain products, Temperature Monitors, Cold Chain Data Platform, all condensed exploration and innovation sprit of CIMC FinePE people.






Packaging & Shipping

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Single gross weight7.5 Kg
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