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Origin: Italy, during the flowering season the beehives are transported to the mountains in Abruzzo, full of wildflowers.

Efflorescence: April – May.
Storage: does not tolerate heat and humidity. Store in a cool and dry place. It crystallizes after a few months, forming a mass of fine or large-grained crystals.

Interesting facts: Honey is naturally rich in minerals and
antioxidants, and therefore useful to the body.Useful in the treatment of flu as it calms coughs and has antibacterial
properties .It is a valuable source of energy, useful to sportspeople, children, pregnant women, convalescents and the elderly.Used daily it can eliminate constipation, balance bacterial levels and improve the general efficiency of the absorption of nutrients.
Finally, it is an excellent ally for skin and hair: thanks to its antioxidants, it can improve the look and tone of skin, reduce
inflammation and aid the formation of scar tissue.
Packaging: 50 g – 250 g- 500 g jars

Product Paramenters

Uncapping consists in removing the layer of wax which bees use to close and seal the combs in order to allow the release of the
honey and its extraction.The frames are put in a stainless steel honey extractor which releases the honey from the combs by
spinning. The honey extraction is carried out at room temperature so as to maintain the characteristics of the honey unaltered.
The honey present at the bottom of the extractor is made to outflow through a tap and is then put in buckets. At this point the
honey is filtered through stainless steel filters in order to eliminate impurities.
Decanting consists in letting the honey stand in stainless steel containers so that the small impurities can surface.
It consists in removing the foam that forms on the surface of the honey, composed of air bubbles which formed during the
centrifugation, and any other impurities.
Once these procedures are completed the honey is put in glass jars. After labelling, the containers are put in boxes and assembled
on fumigated pallets ready to be delivered.

COLOUR : Its colour varies from almost colourless to straw yellow when liquid;
 from white to light beige when crystallized.
FRAGRANCE :  Its scent
recalls pungent nuances of propolis, vegetables, watermelon and moss. Its aroma is reminiscent of sugar syrup and forest fruits marmalade.

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Company Profile

Fattoria Italiana Martelli arises from the passion of Roberto – of Lucanian origins and born into a family who have always owned
vast lands with citrus groves, olive tree groves and plots for the cultivation of wheat - and Ludovica – graduate in Food Science
and Technology, she represents the fourth generation of a family of farmers from Abruzzo.
Their mission is to produce and bring to
the table of gourmets local food and wine specialities both in Italy and abroad. These specialties join the Italian tradition of
good food with quality, innovation and sustainability.
In its own small way Fattoria Italiana Martelli wants to contribute to a
“more sustainable world” and has chosen not to use metal cans for its extra virgin olive oil but carton, which is easily
The filtration of the oil is carried out with cotton, a 100% natural material that is easily disposable. The choice of
plastic-free lables represents a way to reduce the presence of plastic


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