Low Pressure Drop incombustible desiccant drying air dehumidifier (1600264169496)

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The moisture contained in the air is a cause of occurrence of rust and mold, and the deterioration of product quality and performance. NICHIAS HONEYCLE Desiccant for dehumidifier can stably adsorb moistures in the air, so it exerts an excellent affect on those issues. Depending on the application, NICHIAS provide HONEYCLE AC-SG for general dehumidification and HONEYCLE MS-D for ultra low dew point.

HONEYCLE Desiccant is the NICHIAS desiccant rotor product for dehumidifier. Its element is honeycomb-structured porous carrier corrugated inorganic fiber, and impregnated with high quality adsorbent. Our products are used in a wide range of applications, from rust prevention and dew condensation prevention, general industrial dehumidification of storage to low dew point dehumidification under severe conditions such as chemicals, semiconductors, and lithium-ion battery manufacturing factories.

The main features of our products are as follows.
1. Low Pressure Drop
The pressure drop (=Ventilation resistance) is low because of honeycomb-structured, so possible to dehumidify a large amount of air with saving fan power.
2. Easy Maintenance
Rotor rotation system makes it maintenance easy. Moreover, there is no adverse effect on the unit due to deliquescence phenomenon like a lithium chloride (LiCl) impregnated type.
3. Long Life
Maintenance are excellent in hydrothermal durability, so it has a long life.
4. Incombustible
Materials are all inorganic, so it is incombustible.
5. AC-SG can be regenerated at low temperature regeneration
Possible to regenerate at 50 ~ 60℃,so can dehumidify by using waste heat from various type of equipment as the regeneration heat source.
6. MS-D / DH is advantageous for ultra-low dew point air supply.
Impregnating with the synthetic zeolite of very strong water adsorption, can exhibit excellent performance in ultra low dew point air production lower than -50℃.

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NICHIAS Corporation was founded in 1896 as a pioneer in thermal insulation materials. For more than a century, NICHIAS has achieved growth by Insulation and Protection technologies which consist of six core elemental technologies that include sealing, thermal insulation, soundproofing, fire-resistant, anti-corrosion as well as clean. These six technologies help protect our natural environment. For example, insulation technologies help reduce CO2 emissions and are energy efficient, while sealing technologies prevent environmental pollution.

”TOMBO"(dragonfly) is a registered trademark or trademark of NICHIAS Corporation.

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