Angels CP827 Waterproof Carport Mount Solar Parking Carports Car Parking Shed (1600264820010)

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Product Overview


Angels CP801 Solar Energy Products Carport Mounting Carport Solar


Car Parking
5~8 cars
50~80 cars
500~800 cars
Estimated Power Generation Scale

\tA quick, efficient, time-sensitive alternative to roof solar panels.
•\tThe utilization of existing parking areas, meaning you don’t have to build out and expand the land you
already own.
•\tA significant increase in energy production for your existing solar solution.
•\tCarport systems don’t require significant maintenance, meaning you can focus on business as usual
without having to constantly worry about your solar consumption.
•\tOptimal coverage for your car, protecting it from weather, debris, or other harmful elements

Service & Design

Installation Site
Open Field
"IV"shape,"W"shape,"H"shape,Four pole type,Waterproof type,custom
Silver or Customized
Wind Load
Snow Load
JIS 8955:2017 and AS/NZS
10 years
Service life
25 years
Easy Installation; Safety and Reliability; Flexibility and Adjustable
Our Service
OEM;We Offer Professional Customization Services.

1.What is your pv panels dimension?

_____mm Length x_____mm Width x____mm Thickness

2. how many panels will be mounted for the project?


3.What is your planned panel layout? (OPTIONAL/RECOMMEND please advise place image and size)

________Nos. in a row × ________Nos. in a column

4.How is weather there, such as wind speed and snow load?

___m/s wind speed and____KN/m2 snow load

5.What is the tilt angle you need?(OR E°/W° )


Our Factory

The solar industry is picking up its pace, and there’s no sign of slowing down. Companies are designing technology not only to keep up with demand but also to harness solar power in new ways that allow for flexibility when it comes to installation. Residential and commercial solar carport structures are one way that Solar Angels is looking to help home and business owners maximize their solar energy.

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