High Quality Automatic Horizontal Peeler Separation Scraper Centrifuge

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Product Overview


Products Description

PGZ horizontal scraper unloading centrifuge is a continuous operation of solid and liquid separation equipment. It has a fixed filter bed and periodically performs feeding, separation (dehydration), washing, and unloading processes under the action of centrifugal force. It is automatically controlled by the combination of hydraulic pressure and electrical appliances.

The horizontal scraper discharge centrifuge has a wide range of applications. It can be used for the separation of solid and liquid two-phase suspensions containing solid particles with a particle size of about 10um.
The mass fraction of the solid phase in the suspension is greater than 25%. This model is more suitable.

Product Details

Main Feature

1. The supporting structure of the rotating drum: the cantilever supporting structure, the simple supporting structure, and the supporting concave structure.

2. Discharge structure: wide scraper type scraper mechanism, narrow scraper type scraper mechanism

3. Damping device: the commonly used rubber shock absorber is cylindrical, simple in mechanism, and easy to manufacture

Working Principle

After the centrifuge starts to reach full speed, the feed valve opens, and the suspension enters the lower part of the centrifuge drum through the feed tube and the flat feed nozzle. The solid phase is evenly distributed over the full length of the drum. The rotation of the drum is evenly distributed in the drum. Under the centrifuge action, the liquid phase in the suspension is thrown out through the filter medium and the drain hole on the wall of the rotating drum. The filter cake layer in the rotating drum gradually thickens with the continuous addition of the suspension. When the allowable thickness is set, the feeding limit switch is touched, the feeding valve is automatically closed, and the feeding stops. According to the requirements of the separation process, the filter cake is washed, liquid removal and spin-drying are continued, and then the scraper cuts into the filter cake layer to achieve scraping and unloading.

Technical Parameters

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1, 30 Years' Experience
2, Holding 40 Patents
3, Innovative R&D Team
4, Awarded as a High-tech Enterprise
5, Precise Production Line Metting the GMP Requirements
6, CE&ISO Certificated
7, 8500M2 Facilities in Strategic Location in Yangze River Delta


Manufacturing Flow
Packing for Delivery


Q: What kind of products do you have?
A: Industrial centrifuges like screen scroll centrifuges(LWL), decanter centrifuges(LW), pusher centrifuges(HR), peeler centrifuges, top discharge centrifuges, etc.

Q: How do you control the quality?
A: To ensure the accuracy of each part, we are equipped with a variety of professional equipment, and we have accumulated professional processing methods over the past years.
Each component before assembly needs strict control by inspecting personnel.
After all the equipment is completed, we will conduct a trial run before shipment to ensure the customers' workshop's stable running.

Q: What terms of payment does your company accept
A: Most payment methods are accepted, however, we mainly accept T/T, L/C at sight

Q: How long is your warranty period?
Our officially promised warranty time is 12 months after machine's commissioning.

Q: The after-sale service of Hemho
A: After finishing the production, we will test the machine, take photos, videos and send them to customers via email or other instant messenger.
After the commissioning in our factory, we will package the equipment by standard export package for shipment.
Engineers, sales managers and after-sales service manager will form a aflter-sale team, to follow the customers' projects.

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