Tfb Y102 положительный и отрицательный ион генератор части кондиционера воздуха биполярный ионизатор модуль для очиститель воздуха холодильник (1600266978386)

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Tfb-Y102 Positive And Negative Ion Generator Air Conditioner Parts Bipolar Ionizer Module for Air Purifier Refrigerator

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Sterilization and disinfection mechanism of negative  ion generator-1
The negative ion generator generates a large amount of electric charge at the tip of the carbon brush. The electric charge is
extremely unstable. It rapidly ionizes oxygen and water in the air to form positive ions H+ and negative ions O2-. The positive
ions H+ and negative ions O2- produce a fierce collision and form OH radicals.

Sterilization and disinfection mechanism of negative ion generator-2
OH radicals have strong oxidizing properties and can attach and wrap on the surface of viruses and bacteria, capture the H from
the virus, and during the fierce collision of positive ion and negative ion, the protein structure of virus is changed ,finally
make the virus inactive and OH combines H form clean and harmless water molecules back into the air.

Negative air ions (NAIs) have been widely harnessed in recent technologies for air pollutant removal and their beneficial effects on human health, including allergy relief and neurotransmitter modulation.We conduced sterilization test in third lab with our ion generator to verify its great performance on killing virus and bacteria. We did sterilization test in 1m³ chamber normal environment air ,and 350L refrigerator. Could you please kindly have a look at the below test report.

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1. What is Positive and negative ion generator
Positive and negative ion generator is a kind of positive ions and negative ions generated in the air when the positive and negative charges are neutralized to release huge energy, which leads to the change of the surrounding bacterial structure and energy transfer, which leads to the death of bacteria and realizes the sterilization effect. Moreover, it can efficiently decompose TVOC and other gaseous organic volatiles such as formaldehyde/benzene series/ammonia, thereby eliminating odor.

2. What is the function of Positive and negative ion generator
1. Sterilization: As the positive and negative ions neutralize at the moment, they release energy, which leads to the change and energy transfer of bacteria in the surrounding environment, resulting in the death of bacteria.
2. Since the amount of negative ions is much more than that of positive ions, the amount of negative ions is more than double that of positive ions, so positive and negative ions still have the effect of negative ions, that is, they have the functions of dust removal, smoke elimination, odor elimination, and air improvement.

3.How to install
Input line connection: usually red is positive, black is negative, and green is ground
Output line: High-voltage line. It is recommended to be installed at the position of the air outlet of the ventilation pipe. There must be no obstruction in front. The material of the air outlet is not recommended to be metal, otherwise it will cause negative ion loss.
Ground wire: It is recommended that all DC input negative ion generators are grounded
Different household appliances have different installations. Please combine your own products and design to avoid losses and improve the efficiency of negative ions as much as possible.
Two high-voltage output lines are installed side by side at a distance of 1~2cm

4. What is the minimum order quantity
Our company accepts 1~Max orders, but the quotation will be adjusted according to the order quantity. The more the quantity, the more favorable the price.

5. Do you have stock?
Hot products will have a small amount of inventory for customers to buy samples for testing. For bulk orders, we start arranging materials preparation and production after receiving payment and receiving orders. It is recommended that you make an order plan in advance

6. How long is the delivery time
If there is inventory, delivery will be arranged immediately after payment. Bulk orders usually take 15 to 30 days. In case of busy season or special circumstances, the delivery period may be extended. Please consult with our sales staff for details.

7. do you accept customization
Yes, we accept customization, ordinary wire length modification, connector modification, etc. are relatively simple; if you need to customize the module size, circuit adjustment, etc. are relatively complicated and take a long time. We also accept project development, OEM production, etc.

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