A 330 NC полностью Горизонтальная ленточная пила для резки стальной ленточная пила для резки машины (1600267377079)

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Product parameter of NST-330

Product Description




Max. Cutting Diameter

Round: 330 mm

Square: 330*330 model

Blade Speed m/min

Blade Size

1.1*34*4115 mm

Motor Output

4 kw

Hydraulic Pressure

0.75 kw

Coolant Pump

0.09 kw

Machine Size(L*W*H)

2200*1900*1600 mm

Net Weight

1.45 ton

Vice clamping


Blade tensioning form


Feeding cut adjust way

Hydraulic stepless

Feeding way


Hydraulic cooling way

Water cooling

Chip conveyor way



380V 50HZ 3Phase (can be customized)

A330-.jpg NST





Main features:
1. Single hydraulic cylinder design, with a large column and a pillar to form a solid sawing structure.
2. The sawing is stable and the precision is high.
3. Hydraulic pressure is used to tighten the work clip, which is convenient for operation.
4. Work efficiency digital display, simple and clear work process.
5. Has a short head, a single tail 50mm trapped tail 80mm
Main structure:
1 Base section
The entire base is a box-shaped structure welded by A3 steel plates. The left side of the base is a hydraulic tank, and the right side is a cooling tank. After the base is welded, it is subjected to vibration aging to remove the welding internal stress.
2 Orientation
The guide part is divided into saw beam guide and saw bar guide part. The guide part of the saw beam is composed of a large diameter column and an auxiliary square column. Through the lifting cylinder, the action direction of the saw cutting feed and the cutting knife is made. The reasonable structure layout makes the sawing guide more stable and the accuracy higher. The guide is composed of a pair of guide arms and a guide head. The guide head twists the saw bar around the edge of the saw wheel into a vertical state with the work table, making the cut material cut vertical.
And ...
3 Main transmission system
The main transmission system consists of a worm gear reducer, a triangular belt wheel, and a main motor. The worm wheel is made of tin bronze materials and is processed on a precision roller hob using a precision worm hob. After harrowing, the worm is ground in a precision worm grinder with high surface finish and high precision. The box body adopts HT250 cast iron, which guarantees the processing accuracy with the special boring mode, and the worm wheel has a long service life. The output end of the worm wheel box is connected with the active wheel, and the slave wheel is rotated by a saw bar around the rim to perform rotary cutting.
4 Saw strip tensioning device
It consists of tensioning handle, Zhangjinsi rod tensioning drawing board, tensioning sliding block, hollow adjusting screw, etc.. By tightening the wire bar adjustment, the saw bar can be tightened and relaxed and replaced. It is also possible to adjust the angle relationship between the saw wheel and the beam plate through hollow adjusting screws.
5 Material feed positioning system
The feed positioning system consists of a feed bed body, cylindrical guide rails, rollers, and sawing machines. When it is sent to the sawing setting data, the feed is stopped and sawn. The one-time feed trip is: 420mm.
The fixed clamp of the front fuselage is driven by the cylinder and the spring, and the shaft is used as the origin for rotating motion, which can effectively reduce the remaining amount of the head and improve the utilization rate. (This device is shown in Figure)
6 Hydraulic system
The hydraulic system consists of a hydraulic motor, a pump, an electromagnetic valve, a speed regulating valve, an oil cylinder, a tubing, and a fuel tank. The required operation is completed through the output of the electrical system.
7 Electrical systems
The electrical system consists of Transformers, contactors, touch screens, PLCs, relays, proximity switches, wires and switches. By entering data and parameter settings into the touch screen, and the hydraulic system, to complete a series of sawing action requirements.
8 Protective devices
The protective devices are divided into safety protection and electrical system protection. The safety protection devices include saw wheel Shields, belt wheel Shields and other facilities. These facilities are facilities for the protection of personal safety and must not be demolished at will. Electrical system protection includes the main circuit overload protection, motor overload protection, saw bar break stop protection.
9 Cooling system
The cooling system is divided into saw-cut cooling and hydraulic oil cooling. By pumping the coolant into the cooling line, the saw strip is cooled and the sawdust is washed so that it is sawn more smoothly. Hydraulic oil cools the hydraulic oil flowing through the back pipe through the cooler and then returns to the hydraulic fuel tank, so that the oil temperature remains stable and does not rise during work, so as to ensure the normal and stable work of the hydraulic system.



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