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High quality Chinese herbal foot body soak bath powder

Usage method

1. Soak or decoct 1-2 bags of foot bath bags with boiling water for 10 minutes and pour them into foot bath for use.

2. When the water temperature drops to about 40 degrees, put it into both feet

3. Replenish hot water in time

4. Foot and body soaking time is about 25-30 minutes.



Main efficacy

1. Improve sleep

It can improve sleep and relax mood for people with light sleep and depression

2. Relieve anxiety

Reduce dizziness, chest tightness and palpitation caused by anxiety



1.It is best to use boiled water to cool naturally. The starting water volume should not be too much, and gradually increase the hot water.

2.Soak your feet for about 15-25 minutes, or slightly sweating. At the same time, keep warm to avoid heat loss. Do not catch the wind and cold after sweating, and also pay attention to keeping your waist, abdomen and feet warm.

3. It is forbidden for pregnant women and tetanus patients, and cautious for children and foot skin damage.

4. People who are too hungry and oversatiated should not soak their feet immediately. People with weak physique, severe hypertension, and heart discomfort should not have too high water temperature or too long time.

Put the health care bag into water with around 40℃ for bath.
Storage condition
It should be placed in dry place.
 Herbal Moxa leaf; mugwort; wormwood
10g/bag,20g/bag,30g/bag,40g/bag, Cutomized
non woven bag and outer bag or outer box




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