Турмалиновый керамический шар, керамический шар, инфракрасный керамический шар

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Tourmaline Ceramic ball
Tourmaline ceramic ball also known as tourmaline ball, tourmaline ceramic ball, tourmaline energy ceramic ball, tourmaline mineralized ball, Tomalin ball. Is the use of high quality tourmaline, food grade clay and multifunctional health ceramic materials composite processing, is a high-tech health ceramic products
Far infrared energy activated alumina ceramic ball
Far-infrared ball is mainly used in water treatment, health care industry. The far INFRARED mineralized BALL is made OF adding far infrared ceramic material on the basis of the special active ball for water treatment. It is a new type of antibacterial, activation, adsorption and filtration ball specially developed for the new drinking water machine plant, waterworks and water treatment plants. It can not only improve the activity of water and oxygen content, but also make the heat in the environment in the form of far-infrared energy output to achieve photothermal conversion.

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2-20cm ,Support for custom.
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Tourmaline Ceramic ball、Far infrared energy activated alumina ceramic ball and so on

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