Горячая Распродажа, высокое качество, Многофункциональная Обработка, Cnc цилиндрический шлифовальный станок (1600270123042)

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Product Overview


Grinding Your Device, Shining Our Dream
CNC Cylindrical Grinder



Machine Specification

Distance between centers
Workpiece length
Center height
Max.workpiece weight
Max travel
Max. travel
Max.spindle power
Wheel linear velocity
Revolve speed range
Max.spindle power
Grinding circularity
< 0.0008 µm
Taper matching
Max.sleeve travel
Sleeve diameter
Taper fine tuning travel
Control system

The built-in spindle is the mainstream of high-speed machining. It has excellent performance in terms of noise and vibration. Spectrum measurement is carried out during the production stage to ensure the running characteristics and assembly quality to achieve the highest rotation accuracy. It is based on modularization and strives to the best product stability, service life and maintenance cost.

Wheelhead with grinding wheel
Engineering drawing

The versatile universal workhead enables both live spindle grinding and grinding between centers. The machine can also be fitted with specially designed chuck workhead for chuck applications. The workhead are equipped with roller bearings ,are low maintenance and have an excellent roundness accuracy of under 0.0004mm during live spindle operations. The fine adjustment allows for taper corrections in the 1µm range during live spindle operations. Like the tailstock, the workhead is also equipped with a pneumatic lifting device to facilitate movement during setup and resetting.

Fine adjustment

The generously dimensioned barrel, designed for the use of Morse 3 or 4 taper centers, glides in the tailstock housing.The center pressure can be adjusted with the delicate precision required for grinding high-precisions workpieces.The fine adjustment enables taper corrections in the range below 1 µm when grinding between centers
.A pneumatic lifting process facilitates movement during setup and restting.

Fine adjustment

C-AXIS (option install)
Complete machining also entails form, non-circular and thread grinding operations. These process are made possible by the position and speed-controlled C-axis. The standard C-axis with measuring system on the drive motor is suitablefor thread grinding. The machine enables axis-parallel grinding of conventional to high accuracy threads and polygons, eccentrics, control cams, cams etc.Can be manufactured cost-effectively and in the highest precision with high speed machining(HSM).

Thread grinding


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Our Advantages

Curved surface
Use our Know-how and our independent development pictoprogramming to processing.
Enhance the technology of grinding field.

Original pictograming based on FANUC system ,all controls are clearly and engoromically arranged,an important role is played by the manual control unit ,which facilitate setup close to the grinding process.
And built-in security settings and error warning,prevent new wrokers keyin error,so new wrokers also can finish setup procedure
and manufacture.

Multifaceted processing
Take controller special software and design,to grinding complex workpiece and multifaceted processing can do once and for all.
Make sure of high efficiency and high degree of precision,both lower the cost of manufacturing.

Acoustics monitoring system
Reduce wheel dressing cycle time, improve wheel dressing efficiency and stability.
Prevent wheel crash,increase spindle and wheel service life.
By monitoring grinding quality,assured machining accuracy.

Manufacturing Process

Standardizing Manufacturing Process
All the machine and after services are follow these rule, then whole of the handover machine process it's finish.

Why Choose Us

I'm the Manufacturer, and also the End-User
I am an end-user, so I am familiar with what users really need.
The user-centered perspective is the most fundamental concept for the R&D and manufacture of grinding equipment and for every
innovative design. We put ourselves in every user’s shoes, from on-site technicians, customers who purchase gridding equipment to the industry relying on grinding technology and strive for improvement.

Company Profile

Brand Story
A Fisherman’s Son Raises the Sails In Pursuit of Grinding Excellence

“Everyone on the ship is a companion and it is with such belief that leads the company to strive for future growth.”
-General Manager Quan-ji Zhou

President Quan-ji Zhou was born into a family from Qingkunshen, Taiwan; that relied on the sea for their livelihood. The ever-shifting nature of the ocean shaped General Manager Zhou into a resilient man with sharp intuitions and a desire to excel. It is through the accumulation of experience that Zhou refined the grinding technology needed to raise his sail of dreams. He has devoted much of what he has learned into machine manufacturing, thereby providing excellent services for upstream clients, as well as meeting the needs of the global grinding industry.

Brand Extensions
COMORK and CCM – Born for the Ultimate Grinding

CCM expanded its brand and established COMORK Precise Machinery Co., Ltd. in 2011. The COMORK brand grinding machines are the very definition of flawless craftsmanship which incorporates “quality, precision and true grinding.”

Brand Value

The intention of innovative breakthrough technologies

COMORK continues to optimize the operation process of grinding equipment, continually breaks through the boundaries of innovation,
persistent technological innovation, and pursues the zero-tolerance limit of precision and accuracy.
The intention to manufacture top-notch products

COMORK puts 100% of its time and efforts into the manufacture of grinding equipment, rigorous and perfect manufacturing process,
inspection, and testing process before products are delivered to the customers. COMORK keeps a close eye on every step for you.

The intention to serve our customers wholeheartedly

COMORK has professional, practical, and experienced technical and after-sales service teams to provide a full range of technical
support, diversified solutions, and rapid service to increase customer loyalty.
The intention to operate our company with honesty
COMORK regards honesty as its core philosophy, treats each other with sincerity both internally and externally, handles things
with high standards, and lives with integrity.

Contact Us


Q1. Are you a trader or a manufacturer?

A1. We both R&D and manufacturer.

Q2. If we buy the machine from you, what is your guarantee of quality or what do you guarantee?

A2. Always follow ISO quality standards. And because we are also users, the quality will definitely be higher than the ISO

Q3. When can I get the machine after I make the order?

A3. If it is a standard machine, it will be delivered within 90 days after the deposit is paid. If it is a customized requirement,
the delivery date will be calculated separately according to the details.

Q4. How to install the machine when it arrives? How much does the installation cost?

A4. According to the installation SOP specification, it can be installed by itself without installation cost.

Q5. How long does it take to install?

A5. About 2 days.

Q6. Are the spare parts sold separately?

A6. Yes, please contact us directly, and there will be someone to serve you.

Q7. Does the machine I bought from you have a warranty?

A7. Yes, a one-year warranty is provided. However, damage caused by consumable parts or human factors is not covered by the warranty.

Q8. Can I get the inspection report of the machine I purchased?

A8. When leaving the machine, the machine will be accompanied by a machine inspection report.

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