Replacement FSI 5000 Shale Shaker Screen 1067*737*40mm for Mud Cleaner

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Product Overview


Replacement FSI 5000 shale shaker screen


Product Description

FSI 5000 vibrating screen is used in FSI 5000 Series liquid screen system.The function of the shale shaker is to pre-treat the slurry water and remove the bulk and lumps particle. The separation of coarse particles adopts multi-layer shale shaker to meet the requirements of on-site use of mud particles. During the treatment process, particles larger than the mesh number of the screen are excluded from the system and flow into the sedimentation tank. 

XH oil vibrating screen is made of advanced technology and machine. Our own screen can replace international famous brands. Our screen is another option from API 20 - 325. Our screens are long-lived, well filtered and API compliant.



1. High purification and sand removal efficiency, and the minimum separation particle size is about 45 μm.

2. Simple operation, low failure rate, easy installation and use.

3. The sieved ballast material has a good dehydration effect.

4. Adjustable shale shaker’s exciting force, screen angle and screen hole size can maintain a good screening effect.

5. The shale shaker has high screening efficiency and can be adapted to the drilling footage of various drilling rigs in different formations.

6. It can be moved and used at will

7.Wear resistant, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant



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