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Product Overview


Product Introduction

SUN-DECOR Anti-noise acrylic sheet
Acrylic sheet, also named as plexiglass, perspex, PMMA sheet, is a material that we can see in everywhere anytime.

Sound barrier acrylic is recommended to be used in Living area, Highway, Railway, Overpass, Bridge, and very easy to make various of size & colors to meet your design needs.

1. Half the weight of glass, Light weight

2. Polyamide filaments preventing fragments from falling

3. Well resistance to impact;

4. Excellent resistance to outdoor weathering;

5. Excellent resistance to chemicals;

6. Cut to size available

7. Different colors available

8. Superior fabrication characteristics\t

Why is the acrylic stiffener sheet used for acoustic barriers?
1 Acrylic board also known as plexiglass is an important thermoplastic material early developed. Mainly used in construction, sanitary ware, advertising, decoration and so on. As a sound barrier transparent material, there are less applications in domestic. This board has good weather resistance, no need for UV treatment, color transparent, large surface which can be made and simple fixed way and so on. While it is conducive to clean dust, with good landscape effect.

2 Sound insulation of this acrylic sheet can achieve 30db(A). It can fully meet the requirements of the sound barrier, and has high transmittance, resistance to yellowing, and a good landscape effect. But the problem is: thicker plate prices are more expensive and impact resistance worse than the pc board. Sound barrier sheets are used in many domestic projects, with height 3.65m, can reduce 6-7db. At present, mass production of transparent acrylic sheet of 12-20mm thick has been realized in China. By means of reinforcement in the plate, the impact resistance is also improved. There are more and more countries use acrylic stiffener to build sound barrier.
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Popular Size

SUN-DECOR acrylic sheet

is available in a variety of

sizes and thicknesses, with

custom sheet sizes and

thicknesses available upon



Anti-noise Acrylic sheet Application
Sun-Decor hard coat Anti-noise Sound Barrier Acrylic  displays fantastic resistance to noise, especially noise from vehicles,  So Noise Barriers are regularly specified in for large government transport infrastructure projects. Such as: birdguards, overpasses
*Highways, *Birds Protection *Hotel Lobby
\t\t\t *Bridges *Railways
*Other Projects needs sound proof mmaterial \t

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SUN-DECOR is the world's leading supplier of plastic plates.
Its products include acrylic casting plates, acrylic extrusion plates,
polycarbonate plates and films, and finished products.

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1. What names are for Anti-noise?
Answer: Sound Barrier, Sound Proof, Noise Proof, Sound Stop, Acoustic Barrier, Sound Block, Sound Reduction, Noise control barriers, Noise enclosures, Noise Protection, etc...r, just ask!

2. What other plastics using for sound barriers?
Answer: Yes, Polycarbonate (PC) panels also. You can ask if need it.

3. What is the difference between Polycarbonate and Acrylics when using as Sound Barriers?
1. Transparency: Polycarbonate: 82% & Acrylic 92%
2. Impact: Polycarbonate is much better than Acrylic
3. Weather Resistant: Acrylic performs better than Polycarbonate
4. Good look: Acrylic easier to clean and no yellowish

4. What parts makes one Sound Barrier unit?
Answer: noise barrier panels are made of:
1. Extruded aluminium profiles
2. Transparent acrylic sheets, polycarbonate sheets
3. EPDM sealing rubber

5. What do you have for reinforced sound barriers acrylic panels??
Answer:  acrylic sheets reinforced with black or transparent polyamide fibers

6. Why to choose a Sound Barriers with high transparency?
Answer: 6 Reasons:
1.Increase road safety
2.Long life expectancy
3.Adding extra view to landscapes.
4.No visual pollution but giving an opening for light and views.
5.Easy installation
6.Win-win solution of sound pollution and visibility.

7. What is the continuous working temperature for acrylic?
Answer: Less than 70℃

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