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Product Overview



POWERED AIR PURIFYING  RESPIRATOR provides the water proof main body design which can endure the strict cleaning and sterilizing. Three filters slots design determines that the respirator will be suitable for different working environments as you can choose to use one or two or three of the slots at the same time. The respirator is light in weight, comfortable in wearing, human body engineering design which can uniformly distribute the weight, easy in operation with remarkable positive pressure, service life, airtight and filtrating functions, 0.3μm filtrating precision and 99.97% filtrating efficiency. Its air flow is adjustable, clockwise turning up the air flow, otherwise turning down. The respirator allows people to work easily and pleasantly in conditions with exceed concentrations and/or hazard compound. The POWERED AIR PURIFYING RESPIRATOR is the best choice to provide protection from occupation diseases.



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Welding helmet with PAPR



1, Carton package

A, 1pcs in 1 carton 57.5x23x27cm Net weight:2.2kg Gross weight: 4.5kg                    

B,  6pcs in 1 big carton 59x48x55cm Net weight:12.5kg Gross weight: 25kg

 2, Suitcase package

A, 1pcs in 1 one case 57x23x27cm

B,  4pcs in 1big carton 59x48x55cm

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How to use

1.1 connecting

1.Connect belt and engine as picture 2. Fix them at waist. According to personal condition,adjust the tightness. Connect helmet and engine by the air supply hose as picture 1. Adjust head frame inside helmet to appropriate position. Turn on the power of engine and adjust the airflow to a comfortable level(0-5), then you can start to work. When the battery power is low and the electric fan cannot work, power adapter is needed be inserted. During charging, light is red. And when charge is over, light is blue. The whole charging period is about 10 hours. It can be used directly with power adapter inserted.

1.2 Notice

1.2.1 This product should be used after the battery is fully charged.Non-short-circuit the battery. Battery must be kept away from fire.KCM-DZ-S engine can work 6-8 hours when fully charged so if the working time is longer than 6 hours, spare battery is needed. It can also work with power adapter inserted and in such circumstance, the working time is unlimited.

1.2.2 Put on the helmet, press the bottom in the back on the head frame and whirl to left/right at the same time. According to personal condition, adjust the tightness until the helmet is firm on head. Turn on the power of engine, then walk into polishing place.

1.2.3 Air flat tube is upon the head frame. This tube supply fresh air into helmet. While the fresh air flow into the helmet, mask and face will be separated by the airflow. Excess air will be blowed out of the helmet between the black retardant lining and head, which can keep the dust and smoke outside away.

1.2.4 After welding work, helmet is needed be checked. If there is any spot, please wipe it with soft cloth or wash it with neutral detergent. Don’t clean it with rough/tough cloth or something like that so that it won’t scratch the glass and surface of helmet.

1.3 Change filter and seals

1.3.1 To the high effective particulate filter: engine works well but airflow is inadequate, maybe the filter is filled with dust. In this case, you can remove the filter and flap it till the dust is divisible, then wipe with soft cloth. Or directly wash the black coarse sponge on the filter, when the sponge is completely dry, then put it back. Do not use the sponge with water remain on it. Filter should be changed when used repeatedly. Filter is consumables and its work life is about 20 days while the specific work life is decided by working condition.

1.3.2 When replace the filter, you should try not to allow the dust to fall into the cavity of engine. If there is any dust fall into cavity, you should clean it immediately or it will impact purifying effect. It is important that to make sure the front cover of engine is stuck firmly with the new filter.

1.3.3 The engine box and filter are cleaned or are new. If there is any dust or peculiar smell coming from breath tube, please check the seals of engine or filter. If the seals has any broken, please replace promptly.

1.3.4 Filter needed be kept away from water. If filter becomes damp, please replace promptly.

1.4 Charge

The hole beside the charging speed control board is power supporting and charging hole. Charging is with DC 12V power adapter. You can use this product with charging and there is a intelligent protection circuit in the engine so it will not overcharge.

Main component and parameter

2.1 Helmet


Thickness is 3mm.It can bear 4 bar wallop.There is cingulate inside and connect to the retardant lining cloth.

2.1.1 Head frame

Tightness adjustable; wear comfortably

2.1.3 Lining cloth

Adopt black retardant fabric; wear comfortably;retardant;easily removable and washable;prevent polishing/cutting slag and sparks into the helmet.

2.2 Air supply hose


Stand high temperature; keep soft in low temperature; long working life.

2.3 Air supply engine

Weight:1074g(with battery);803g(without battery);One year warranty.

With a stainless steel strainer on the surface of engine to isolate welding slag and sparks.

2.3.1 Filter



Covered with coarse filter sponge.The filter is consumable item without warranty.

2.3.2 Electric blower

The airflow has 5 levels and it can be adjusted by bottom.Three years warranty.

2.3.3 Battery

The engine is powered by a 12V,4.8AH lithium battery.Continuous power supply time is about 8 hours.Charge-discharge life is about 500 times.

2.4 Power adapter

Input voltage is 36V-220V AC. Output voltage is 12V 4A DC. In-line power use or use with battery after full charge.  

2.5 Belt

Snap connection; Wear comfortably; Tightness adjustable.

Engine(not man-made damage) has ONE year warranty.

The equipment has one year warranty.Consumable item is not covered under warranty.

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