CONTEC OC3B vet veterinary animal use oxygen concentrator medical clinic veterinary device oxgen generation vet (1600271386778)

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OC3B Oxygen Concentrator consisted of air compressor, adsorption tower of molecular sieve, sensor and flow meter. With the molecular sieve to be absorbent, the machine adopts PSA(pressure swing absorbers ) method to directly concentrate medical oxygen with high concentration from the air.
It is small and portable. The machine takes the advantages of small in volume, light in weight, convenient in moving (as it has turning truckle), stable in performance, high in safety, easy in operating, low in noise, safe in working, which complies with requirements of medical device. The machine can also realizes the measurement and display of SpO2 and pulse rate by connecting accessories.
The machine has a wide application, including family, clinic, hospital, oxygen bar, plateau outpost, gym center, etc.
1)With working indicator
2)Built-in filters to pure the gas
3)Oxygen concentration status indicator
4)Function of accumulating time
5)Function of timing shutdown
6)Alarm for power failure
7)Alarm for high/low pressure protection
8)Alarm for low flowrate
9)Alarm for high temperature
10)Measure SpO2 and pulse rate
Maximum flowrate recommended: 3L/min
Oxygen Output Concentration Levels: (reach the stated oxygen concentration level within 30 minutes after turning on the machine): 93%±3% at the flowrate of 0.5~3L/min
Flowrate range: 0.5~3L/min
Flowrate change at maximum recommended flowrate with 7 kPa back pressure: <0.5L/min.
Outlet pressure: 20kPa~50kPa
Input Power Consumption: 350VA
Electrical Requirements: AC220V±10%, 50Hz±1Hz
Operating noise: ≤55dB(A)
SpO2 Measurement
1)Range: 0%~100%
2)Resolution: 1%
3)Accuracy: ±2% when SpO2 is in range of 70%~100%; unspecified when less than 70% .
Pulse rate Measurement
1)Range: 30bpm~250bpm
2)Resolution: 1bpm
3)Accuracy: ±2bpm or ±2%, whichever is greater
Safety characteristics
1) Type of protection against electroshock: class Ⅱ equipment
2) Degree of protection against electroshock: Type BF applied part
3) Degree of protection against ingress of water: IP21
Humidifier bottle
User manual
Power cord
Nasal cannula
SpO2 probe
Physical characteristic
Dimension: 508(L) × 260(W) × 530(H)mm
Weigh: 21Kg
Operating Environment:
a) Temperature: 10℃~40℃
b) Relative humidity: ≤80%
c) Atmospheric pressure: 860hPa~1060hPa

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