Латексные хирургические стерильные перчатки top Guardian Hand Colombia от производителя (1600271762525)

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Manufacturer top Guardian Hand Colombia Latex Surgical Sterile Gloves

What are the features of our NEW vinyl gloves?

  • Designed to be ultimately safe for anyone to use, our work 1 are free of latex and powder to ensure no allergic reactions or harmful residue left on your hands after use.

  • Perfect for anyone to use, each 1 fits on either your right or left hand so you never to go crazy finding another to complete your pair

  • No powder

What are the application of our NEW vinyl gloves?

A far superior alternative to pvc 1,YICHANG professional vinyl glove offer superior protection for professionals and hobbyists alike.

It's great for household tasks such as general cleaning, dusting, mopping and kitchen use for cooking, food preparation. Incredible durability makes them a must-have in even the most intense settings like laboratories, factories, salons, restaurants, and much more! A supremely versatile accessory that is both strong and retain a smooth comfortable feel through it all.




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