Potassium sulphate fertilizer manufacturer

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Product Overview


HUAQIANG sop has the characteristics of rapid dissolution, rapid dissolution, root and fruit
promotion, etc. After application, nitrogen nutrition can be directly absorbed by the crops, the fertilizer effect is fast and
obvious, and the fertilizer utilization efficiency is high.When applied on sulfur loving crops such as legume, leek, garlic, grape and tomato, the content of protein and vitamin C can be significantly improved, and the quality and flavor of agricultural products can be improved.It is especially suitable for tobacco and other chlorine-resistant cash crops. It is the first choice for sulfur loving crops, chlorine-resistant crops and saline-alkali soil.

Test Items
First grade
Potassium Oxide %
Chloridion % ≤
Free Acid % ≤
Moisture(H2O) % ≤
S% ≥
The product implementation standard is GB/T20406 -2017

Packing & Delivery

Application Scenarios

Crop fertilizer
Rice, wheat, corn, sorghum, soybeans, potatoes, potatoes, cotton, peanuts, sugar cane, sesame, tobacco, etc.
Fruit tree fertilizer
Apple, pear, peach, apricot, banana, watermelon, citrus, dragon fruit, grape, mango, strawberry, pineapple, durian, lychee, cantaloupe, mango and other fruit trees

Vegetable fertilizer
Tomatoes, lotus roots, potatoes, radishes, cabbage, peppers, onions, onions, eggplants, cucumbers, loofah, money, cabbage, lettuce and other vegetables
Flower fertilizer
Orchid flower, water lily, jasmine, desert rose, tiger thorn, spider orchid, poinciana, phoenix, frangipani, hibiscus, bougainvillea, false forsythia, dragon boat flower and other flower trees

Enterprise Introduction

Huaqiang Chemical Group Stock Co., Ltd
Huaqiang Chemical Group Stock Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huaqiang Chemical), the predecessor is known as Dangyang Chemical Fertilizer Factory. We have fixed assets 5 billion RMB and employees 5000 after 50 years of development. Products cover Fertilizer, Chemical, Thermoelectricity, Plastic Products, Ceramic Building Materials, New Wear Resistant Material six fields and have more than 100 varieties. The Group has 10 subsidiaries (branches) company. In January 2009, we establi-shed a strategic alliance with world Top 500 Shanxi Jincheng Coal Industry Group, has achieved Giants Alliance.

Annual capacity
NPK Compound Fertilizer
1.5 million tonnes
1 million tones 
Synth-etic Ammonia Alcohol
800,000 tonnes
Organic Fertilizer
150,000 tonnes
Potassium Sulfate
100,000 tonnes 
Ammonium Bicarbonate
300,000 tonnes 
Sodium nitrate
80,000 tons
Sodium Nitrite
50,000 tons
Hydrogen peroxide
250 thousand tons
Chlorosulfonic acid
60,000 tons

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Enterprise Qualification

Customer Visiting


Q:Are you trader or manufacturer?
A:We are one of the largest and most professional and product variety Fertilizer and Chemical Group in middle China.

Q:what is your lead time?
A:It depends on the quantity of the order, usually 7-30 days after received payment.

Q:Can you accept OEM order and what’s the MOQ?
A:OEM service is available and MOQ is 5X20 fcl.

Q:Can we get sample for test?
A:Yes, we supply sample free, but you need pay for the express fee.

Q:Can we get technical support?
A:Yes, We provide online technical support

How about your production capacity?
A: Annual output of 1.5 million tonnes High Concentration NPK Compound Fertilizer, 1 million tones Urea, 800,000 tonnes Synthetic Ammonia Alcohol, 150,000 tonnes Organic Fertilizer, 200,000 tonnes Organic-inorganic Compound Fertilizer, 300,000 tonnes Ammonium Bicarbonate, 250,000 tonnes Hydrogen Peroxide, 100,000 tonnes of Dimethyl Ether, 100,000 tonnes Potassium Sulfate, 80,000 tonnes Sodium Nitrate and Sodium Nitrite, 50,000 tonnes Melamine and 50,000 tonnes Formaldehyde production capacity.

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