Special mixing tube for 50ML two component rubber barrel Bayonet mixing tube (1600273201186)

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1_01.jpg1_02.jpg1_03.jpg1_04.jpg1_05.jpg1_06.jpg1_07.jpg1_08.jpg1_09.jpgThe static mixer/mixing tube is a new technology product used for mixing a variety of fluids (mainly used for the full mixing of A glue and B glue of two-component glue). The spiral rod in the static mixing tube is composed of a series of left The right spiral blades are arranged perpendicular to each other in sequence and assembled in the casing. When the fluid passes through the mixing tube forward, it is divided into two, two into four, and four into eight by the spiral blade under the action of gravity, centrifugal force and shear force, etc. to complete the continuous cutting and reorganization, and the two fluids can be uniformly and automatically mixing. It solves the difficulties and product quality problems encountered in the past due to manual operations. It does not need to be driven by external force. It only uses the fluid itself to enter the continuous cutting and overlap when passing through the mixer. Through the phenomenon of lamination, the two materials are transformed into uniform The mixing wave makes the mixing and stirring achieve the best effect. This product is used in the electronics manufacturing, civil engineering and construction, automobile manufacturing, gift decoration and other industries. It is widely used in the mixing of various two-component adhesives and fillers (including epoxy resin, silicone epoxy resin, PU, UV)1_10.jpg

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