Low Price XSG/XZG High Efficiency Airflow Type Spin Flash Dryer/Flash Dryer for Iron oxide black

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XSG/XZG High Efficiency Airflow Type Spin Flash Dryer/Flash Dryer/Airflow Drying Machine for Iron oxide black

XSG/XZG Series Spin Flash Dryer is continuous drying equipment specially designed for shaped cake, cream paste, and paste slurry
materials. The clean heat medium goes into the drying room from the tangent direction and creates a strong rotary vortex air
current when it’s in motion with the stirrer. The wet material is added to the drying room in a fixed quantity, and it will be
crushed and dry under high speed stirring action. The top of the drying room has particle size classification, the big particles
will be stopped by the classifier and the fine powder will be discharged from the center of the ring and collected by the cyclone
separator. The big particles will return to the drying room and continue to be crushed and dry.

(1) The raw material is processed by cutting, shearing, blowing, floating, and rotating, then become granulated shape and
separated greatly; the relative velocity between solid phase and gas phase is great, this strengthens the process of heating
(2) Design with compact structure and required small occupied area, and the machine is easy to control and maintain.
(3) The hot air enters into the bottom of machine and creates strong rotating airflow; it can wash out material that sticking on
the inside surface.
(4) The high temperature area is at the bottom of the machine, the heat sensitive raw material will not directly contact with
heating surface. As a result, carbonization and color change problems can be solved.
(5) The dryer is running under negative or micro negative pressure, there is no need other crushing machine to crush raw material,
and the circumstance pollution will not occur.
(6) A segmenting ring and a rotational flow piece are equipped in the upper drying room in order to control granulated size and
final moisture to satisfy required moisture containing rate and granulation.

The hot air enters into the bottom of the drier in tangent direction. Under the driving of the stirrer, a powerful rotating wind
field is formed. The paste state materials enter into the drier through the screw feeder. Under the powerful function of the
stirring vanes at high-speed rotation, the materials are distributed under the function of strike, friction and shearing force.
The cake state materials will be smashed and contact the hot air fully and the materials are heated and dried. The dehydrated
materials will go up with the hot-air flow. The step rings will stop and keep the big particles. Small particles will be
discharged out of the drier from the center of the machine and the material will be collected by cyclone separator of dust
collector. The wet or big particles will be swing towards to the wall by the centrifugal force function and the materials will be
crushed again after fall down to the bottom.

Technical Parameters

XSG series Model High speed Rotary Flash Dryer For Soybean Protein has a wide application scope, it can be used for drying in fire retardant, molecular sieve, rubber and plastic assistance, pesticide, pigment, dyestuff, fine chemicals, feedstuff, pharmaceutical and part intermediate industries.

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